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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Moment A Clergy Was Seen Praying For A Church Member Goes Viral

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Newsbroadcastnaija: In this our time of social media, we come across so many things
that are shocking and really hard to believe, and some atimes we don't even

believe it. Ranging from secret family issues and so many unbelievable things that someone
in normal senses wouldn't actually post online.

I believe that there is no limit to the power of God over the universe and all individuals,
the same word of God has made it clear that distance can never be a

barrier to the move of God over things. What exactly is this pastor proving, there have
been several cases of Pastors praying for people with problems with their private

parts but this is way out it, Is this right well, for me I'll not say it's God's way to judge.

Here's a rare video of a Pastor praying for a member of his church having problems

with his dick during church service right before the congregation, this pastor was seen
sensationally rubbing the man's dick forth and back through his pants, while praying for
him and all the members just sat down observing
and shouting to the anointed dick.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Cross Breed Two Different Animals: Pet Monkey Forms Bond Random Pussy Cat

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Wonders they shall will never end, science had sometime ago tried
cross breeding two different animals

in times past but never has it been heard of or seen that two different animals willingly obliged to satisfying their sexual urge.

Here's a rare footage a big Pussy Cat and a sex starved monkey having oral sex willingly without being made to do so.

According to the video below, this sex starved monkey met a pretty cat and obviously
fell in love, Lolz. Well, a
particular monkey was seen with a random cat in his quarters getting oral sex from the
cat. The cat's mouth was on the monkey's

dick and the monkey was obviously thrusting in and out of the cats mouth.

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Nineteen Years Old Teenager Cheaply Auctions Herself At Two Million Naira

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Some men with their ill mannered lifestyle will never seize to
surprise people with what they especially when it comes to women affairs most of

them become cockerels and he goats that can't control the thing in between their legs,
bugging and stalking ladies carelessly.
Well, here's a viral video of a Nigerian

pretty lady with great attributes as a lady saying things that proves her to be nothing
but a cheap commodity in the market.

In details, this 19 years old pretty lady

laments on how irresponsible men slide into her Dm just to say how much they want to have
her sexually. She got angry and tired of this and makes a

video saying to the men, stop sending me this nonsense messages, if you want to have me,
I am a virgin just bring two million Naira and you can take the
gold medal you want from my Pussy.

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Wife Beats Husband And Throws Him In Dirty Water In Presence Of His Mother For Slapping Her On Public

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Here's a viral video a man and a lady who happened a couple

fighting in public while the reason is yet to be ascertained. The couple were just having

misunderstanding and argument just before his mother intervened, upon seeing

his mother he quickly slapped his wife in presence of his mother thinking she would

be calm as usual,
No!!!  She power lifts and threw him into

threw inside a dirty water passage and beats.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Uncultured Drunk Lady Spotted Drunk On Bike Having Fun As Biker Rides

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Intriguing moment as a drunk lady was spotted on bike at night

misbehaving after consuming excess of alcohol, the biker was traveling at quite a

speed that led to wind blowing up her cloth revealing her body, it was also noticed that

the lady was not putting on any under wear.

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