Politician To Be Put To Death For Hiding 13 tons of ill-gotten gold In his House

Newsbroadcastnaija: Chinese Politician, Zhang Qi will be put to death for corruption, after 13 tons of ill-gotten gold was found in his mansion. Police of the PRC searched the house of Zhang Qi, 57, the former mayor of Danzhou and found a large amount of cash, as well as 13.5 tons of gold in ingots in a secret basement of his home, reported local media.

In addition to the mayor’s post, the official held others, such as the Secretary of the Communist Party. According to unofficial reports, in addition to the gold, cash worth 268 billion yuan was discovered.

Luxurious real estate with a total area of ​​several thousand square meters, which the former city manager had been hiding for a long time, became the cherry on the cake for the Chinese Anti-Corruption Committee.
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