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This is the biography of Omemma Ojoto also known as Money Weather

Ndi Igbo remain the most resilient, hardworking and industrious ethnic group in Nigeria today, and indeed in the entire black race. It is said that even the ends of the earth have Igbo men. Wherever there are no such men, it translates to the place being a dead zone. They dominate various fields of human endeavor. In the academia, as professionals in different spheres and as business men, they hold their own, and build intimidating profiles, starting often with nothing but sheer grit, an eye for opportunities and unrelenting hard work. It is instructive to note that these people started with almost nothing after the bitter civil war that nearly tore the heart of the Nigerian State.

Just like other sectors, it is becoming clearer by the day that they will soon be the major stakeholders in the real estate business. This is by sheer dint of hard work and providence. Among the Igbos sticking out their neck in the industry is Chief Amb. Emmanuel Udechukwu (Omemma Ojoto), a time tested developer who is bestriding the real estate sector like a colossus. Chief Udechukwu is barely 13 years in the industry but has built a brand that Ndi Igbo and Nigerians are proud to be associated with. He is the founder of Roxbury Leisure Homes and has become a by word for quality.

Roxbury Leisure Homes has become a dominant name in the industry, providing bespoke world-class real estate product to clients. It is a one stop shop for real estate consultancy services for both private and public clients such as real estate developers, estate agency, facility management, feasibility and viability study. A company built on the foundation of integrity, it has sold more than 2000 apartments with over 2500 satisfied clients including about 1500 listed properties and still counting. This is huge.

Recently, the Chairman won Anambra Real Estate Person of the Year for his contribution towards bridging the huge housing deficit in the country and the fact that they are the numero uno in real estate solutions and development around VGC. It therefore behooves Nigerians when thinking real estate to think Roxbury because they stand for authenticity, peace of mind, luxury and quality. Roxbury Leisure Homes is poised to claim the top spot in luxury apartments in the country, and like Lawyers say, they are gradually “covering the field”. 

In this article written and published by News Broadcast Blog, it contains everything you need to know about the Founder and CEO Roxbury homes estate, the biggest estate personally owned estate in VGC Lagos, Nigeria. 

Here you'll find Omemma Ojoto also known as Omemoneyweather on Instagram, the CEO Roxbury Homes Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Houses, State Of Origin, Estates, Cars, Source Of Income, Real Name, Net Worth, this and many more about OMEMONEYWEATHER you will find in this article below.

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Basic Facts Outline;
Full Name Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu
Popular As Omemma Ojoto (Omemoneyweather)
Gender Male
Age 40 Years Old±
Date Of Birth 12 February 1980's
Wife•Spouse Ujunwa Amanda Udechukwu
Height/Weight 5 ft 9"/90kg±
Profession/Career Philanthropist/Business Mogul
Nationality Nigerian
State Of Origin Anambra State
Religion Christian
Net Worth $100,000,000

Omemma Ojoto Biography And Wiki: Who Is Omemma Ojoto? Where Is Omemma Ojoto From? Emmanuel Udechukwu (born 12 February 1980's) is a professional Nigerian Real Estate Developer, Philanthropist, Business Mogul, the Founder and CEO Roxbury Leisure Homes Nigeria, RoxburyHomesng founded 13 Years Ago, in 2009 in Lagos.

What Is Omemma Ojoto Real Name? Omemma Ojoto who is also known as Ome Money Weather real name is Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu.

Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu is son of the soil of the Anambra people generally recognized as Ndi Igbo. Chief Amb Emmanuel as a real estate developer has been in the business for about 13 Years now, but as it's known, building a competitive business such as real estate can be very challenging as the industry is known to be very competitive but almost never gets saturated. In the case of Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu, he can be said to be one of the few who has stood firm and conquered most of the struggles that comes with building this much empire after almost solid 13 Years. 

It is almost believed that the Ndi Igbo are the most industrious and resilient business tycoon in Nigeria, this may just be true as Emmanuel Udechukwu who is making the headlines as the sole owner of the biggest standing luxurious estate in VGC Lagos known as Roxbury Leisure Homes Nigeria, happens to be from South-eastern Nigeria making him a member of the Ndi Igbo tribe of South eastern Nigeria. 

Facts, Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu, Obi Cubana, e-money, Flavour 2nite, and lots of other wealthy and famous names in Nigeria happens to be from Ndi Igbo clan of Nigeria. Here's what he had to say after he met with the controversial Popular Pastor Odumeje; "I was with the Lion himself @prophetchukwuemeka visit to my new project another definition of luxury called ROXBURY SHORE @roxburyhomesng a magnificent and exquisite project located within Victoria Garden City , a serene and peaceful neighbourhood in the lekki - ajah axis of Lagos.
A Smart Home that gives a unique and presidential feel to suit the Classical Nigerian Lifestyle of live - Work - Play.
Invest in us and be sure never to regret it."

Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu is an award winning Philanthropist and real estate developer under the umbrella of the people of Lagos, he has won lots of prominent awards as one of the developers of the great city of Lagos. 

Emmanuel Udechukwu, has been opportuned to meet and mix up with lots of influential politicians, celebrities, artists, actors and many more as a business man. 

Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu hails from Ojoto, Anambra State, Nigeria, and he is the owner of Roxbury Leisure Homes Estate, but he is based in the United Kingdom with his family of four children and a wife.

Omemma Ojoto Age:
 Old Is Omemma Ojoto? Omemma Ojoto aka Money Weather age is not exactly known but he is estimated to be about the ages o of 42-47 Years Old as of 2022. More about his age will be updated with time.

Omemma Ojoto Birthday: When Is Omemma Ojoto Birthday? Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu aka Omemma Ojoto birthday birthday is on February 12. His wife and family always take out time every year to celebrate him for always looking out for them and taking care of their needs. 

Here's a few words from his wife on one of his birthday occasions; "feel so blessed and privileged to have you in my life as my life partner. You are my perfect woman who chose to love an imperfect man like me. My best friend, my love, my breath, my inspiration, my life and the mother of our lovely children. If i had to choose another life partner, it would be definitely be you all over again. All the riches in the world are useless without you and your warmest love. You're the light of my life baby and i love you so much ❤️.
Happy birthday my dear wifey. God bless you and increase you on all sides in Jesus name."

Omemma Ojoto Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign: Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu exact date of birth is still not available as of the time of this publication, but his estimated date of birth is 12 February 1980's and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

YoutubeNot Available
TikTokNot Available
InstagramOmemma Ojoto (Money Weather)
TwitterOmemma Ojoto
FacebookOmemma Ojoto

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Omemma Ojoto Height:
How Tall Is Omemma Ojoto? Emmanuel Udechukwu stands tall at a height of 5 ft 9" tall.

Omemma Ojoto Weight: His estimated body weights is approximately 90kg± as of this time.

Omemma Ojoto Race: Black.

Omemma Ojoto Ethnicity: African

Omemma Ojoto Family, Parents: There's no information about Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu parents available, more information will be updated as soon as possible.

Omemma Ojoto Father And Mother: Not Available.

Omemma Ojoto  Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: Sexual orientation is straight.

Omemma Ojoto Girlfriend: Not Available.

Omemma Ojoto 
Married: Yes, Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu is happily married to his wife who is the Executive Director Of Roxbury Leisure Homes Nigeria, Mrs Amanda Ujunwa Udechukwu. Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu has been married to his wife for over 9 Years with four children being two boys and two girls. His first child happens to be a girl while his last child who was given birth to on his birthday, his name is Kendrick Udechukwu. 

Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu loves his wife and family very much that he never forgets to celebrate their birthday's. 
Here's a message he wrote to his wife on the occasion of her 30th birthday on May 8, 2021, he said; "My love! My heart races as though your birthday is here already. Although it is still two days away, I’m already celebrating my rare gem.

The children and I are grateful for all the efforts and sacrifices made towards our well being and especially for loving us unconditionally.

Hearty wishes to you my treasure of inestimable value.

#birthdayspecial❤️ #big30🎉".

Omemma Ojoto Wife, Ex-Wife:
Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu wife's name is Mrs Amanda Ujunwa Udechukwu.

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Omemma Ojoto Tribe:  What Tribe Is Omemma Ojoto? Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu originally hails from Ndi Igbo clan otherwise called Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

Omemma Ojoto Tattoos: Does Omemma Ojoto Have Tattoos? No, he does not have any tattoos.
Omemma Ojoto Eye Colour: Black.

Omemma Ojoto Hair Colour: Black.

Omemma Ojoto Interviews: While he has been busy making the headlines, Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu has been on several interviews with the media and news men in the country regarding his accomplishments.

Omemma Ojoto Surgery: 

Omemma Ojoto Songs:

Omemma Ojoto Net Worth:
Net Worth In Dollars? Chief Amb Emmanuel Udechukwu has an estimated net worth of approximately $80,000,000 as of the year 2022.


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