Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Height, Sister, Net Worth.

Melanie Wilking is the younger sister of Miranda Wilking, the two sisters make up the popular dance crew called Wilking Sisters. In this article written by news broadcast naija blog contains information such as Melanie Wilking Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Sister, Net Worth, latest boyfriend and husband. Melanie started her career in Tiktok along with her sister Miranda Wilking in 2017. Likewise, her Tik Tok account is @wilkingsisters and has a large fan following of 3.2 million fans. Her post is liked by 60 million fans. Moreover, Melanie primarily posts videos related to contents like comedy video clips, dancing movies and also performs lip-syncs on the famous Tik Tok (then account. Likewise, she also earned the valuable badge for being an ace Tik Tok comic and is a top muser. Similarly, Melanie has done collaboration videos with fellow Tiktok star-like Rebecca Zamolo.

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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Melanie Wilking
Popular As Wilking Sisters
Gender Female
Age 22 Years Old
Date Of Birth 12 April 1999
Boyfriend Mike River
Height/Weight 5 ft 6"/60kg±
Profession/Career Dancer/YouTuber
Nationality American
Race/Ethnicity White/American
Religion Christian
Net Worth $3,000,000±

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Biography And Wiki: Melanie Wilking (born 12 April 1999) is an American multiskilled celebrity, known famously as a Tiktoker, Instagram star, dancer, choreographer, YouTuber who hails from Michigan United States. Melanie Wilking along side her sister, Miranda Wilking Derrick, who are professionally known as the Wilking Sisters.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Age: How Old Is Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters)? The two famous celebrity dancers, Wilking Sisters, are not of the same age because they are not twins, however Melanie Wilking is currently 22 Years Old as of 2021. Miranda Wilking Derrick's age is 24 Years Old as of the year 2021.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Birthday: When Is Birthday? While Melanie Wilking birthday is on 12 April which she doesn't miss to celebrate, her older sister Miranda Wilking Derrick's birthday is on 24 February.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Instagram: While the two sisters collectively manage their joint Instagram account @wilkingsisters, they both have their own personal account. Melanie Wilking personal Instagram handle is @MelanieWilking with over 100k followers on Instagram and Miranda Wilking Derrick has more than 840k followers on instagram as she is now married to famous professional dancer and social media influencer James Derrick professionally known as Bdash and  Bdash_2 on Instagram with over 1.6 million followers.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Tiktok: The two sisters, Wilking Sisters, attained celebrity status on TikTok from sharing short videos of their dance and choreography sessions on their now verified tiktok account with over 3.2 million followers and an estimate of 60.3 million total likes on the platform.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Twitter: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Facebook: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Youtube: The Wilking Sisters collectively own a YouTube channel with over 15k subscribers.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Nationality, Country? Melanie Wilking and Miranda Wilking Derrick as sisters both hold American Nationality. 

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Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Height: How Tall Is The Wilking Sisters? Melanie Wilking who happens to be the youngest is about few inches shorter than her older sister Miranda Wilking Derrick. While Melanie Wilking height is 5 ft 5" when standing, Miranda Wilking Derrick stands at a height of 5 ft 6".

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Weight:*

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Race: White.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Ethnicity: American.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Family, Parents: Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) parents are Dean and Kelly Wilking.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Father And Mother: Melanie Wilking is the daughter of Mr Dean Wilking and Mrs Kelly Wilking who are her parents. 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: Melanie Wilking Ex-boyfriend is Mike River. She is currently in a new relationship with her new boyfriend whose name is Austin Ekeler. An American professional footballer.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Girlfriend: Melanie Wilking sexual orientation is straight, she is not romantically involved with any girl. She does not have a girlfriend.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Married: Melanie Wilking is not married yet as of 2021.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Husband, Ex-Husband: Melanie Wilking does not have a husband yet as she is not married, and also does not have an Ex-Husband.

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Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Tribe: What Tribe Is Melanie Wilking? She originally hails from Michigan, United States.

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Tattoos: Does Melanie Wilking Have Tattoos? No, she doesn't not have any tattoos yet.
Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Eye Colour: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Hair Colour: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Interviews: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Surgery: 

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Songs:

Melanie Wilking (Wilking Sisters) Net Worth: What Is Melanie Wilking Net Worth? Melanie Wilking net worth is estimated to be about $3,000,000 as of 2021.


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