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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Crippled Man Standing With Clutches Rocking Big Ass Lady In Public Show

Thief Caught On The Roof Top While Trying To Enter A Shop To Steal

Man Shows Off Massive Mud Fish He Harvested From His Farm

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Newsbroadcastnaija: I'm guessing not everyone knows this animal right?
Well this is a video of a man showing off the massive size of mud fish he harvested from his farm, yes you read right he harvested a fish called mud fish from his farm.
Mud fish is also catfish (Clarias spp), it is a form of adaptation, they aestivate/hibernate in unfavourable condition like no water and come back to life when the conditio1ns are favourable in places with seasonal flooding you can find them.
Mudfish truly are a “fish out of water”, by being able to exist without water for months on end, slowing down their metabolic rate and breathing oxygen through their skin (which, incidentally, isn’t scaly but smooth). During drier periods, mudfish simply dig deep, wriggle into the soil and hang tough waiting for wetter times to come.
They are able to dig deep, due to strengthened bones in their head and a flattened shape to their skull, making them perfectly adapted to shovel down into moist soil to rest until things get wetter.
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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Man nabbed while packing an old woman’s urine

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Newsbroadcastnaija: A man was on Thursday afternoon arrested while allegedly packing the urine of an old woman around Ekpan town hall, Warri, Delta State. It was gathered that the suspect was using a white handkerchief to pack the urine-soaked sand not knowing that someone was watching him. However, as he made to leave, an alarm was raised and he was apprehended. Upon searching him, more handkerchiefs were found with him and a charm was discovered tied around his waist.
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Gorilla escapes from Unilorin zoo

My GELATO Song Has Leaked -dj Cuppy Cries Out, Says When It'll Be Out Officially

We Don't Use Fake Money Like Shatta, Nigerian Singer Williexo Mocks Shatta Wale

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Nigerian socialite/singer, #williexo mocks Ghanaian musician shatta Wale as he spends
thousands of dollars on expensive pendant in US, says we dont use fake money like shatta.
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Every Pastor Loves Big Ass - Ghanaian Reverend Obofour

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Reverend Obofour, the G.O of Anointed Palace Chapel, Ghana, has revealed that every pastor loves a woman with big buttocks.
In an interview on his TV Show, he said that he is always stunned when people accuse Pastors of womanizing, when everyone loves big buttocks. According to him: “If all pastors in Ghana,
elders and all church leaders are sitting and a woman with big buttocks passes, everyone will turn around and look at it because we all love big buttocks.”
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Star Singer Chindima Shows Off Her Aged Sugar Daddy When He Visited

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Newsbroadcastnaija: In a video shared online by Nigerian artist Chidinma, she proudly shows off her sugar daddy who happened to visit her at a gig. He hides his away his face from the camera while she was recording their romantic moment.
Her sugar daddy happens to be no other person but Sunday Aare, the famous manager of Starboy, Wizkid who took over Banky W's job when the champ left EME, gets cozy with one of his side chicks in the industry who gushed throughout about their blooming relationship.
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