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Here's a full biography of Instagram star and comedian who is popularly known as Iamnasboi or Nasiru the Comedian. In this article you will get to know more about Nasiru Comedian including details about his state of origin, his full name, real name, bio, his real age youtube and his Instagram handle. Why is he referred to as low budget Obo, you will get to know why he is also called the low budget Obo.

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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru
Popular As iamnasboi or Nasiru the Comedian
Gender Male
Age 26-30
Date Of Birth 13 March 1990's
Girlfriend Yes (Not Available)
Height/Weight 5 ft 9"/85kg
Profession/Career Musician•Comedy
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $100,000

Iamnasboi Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Nasiru the Comedian also known as Iamnasboi, low budget Obo or just Nas, is an instagram star, comedian, actor and musician. Iamnasboi whose real name Michael Bolaji, his full name is Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru which is where he got the name Nas boi, is a Yoruba man from South western Nigeria. He hails from Odo otin LGA, in Osun state. 
Although Nasiru is a Yoruba man, he was mistaken as an Igbo man online as a result of the roles he plays in his several comedy videos as Chief Romanus which has attracted lots of engagement and views, he recently took too his Instagram account to official make it clear that he is a Yoruba man and is not in anyway connected with igbo tribe. This was also confirmed in several one on one interview with him. He went ahead to confirm it by stating his state of origin as well as local government just to prove it. 
In Nasiru's Comedy Videos, he plays several roles, one of which is the low budget Obo. As a musician Nasiru struggled so much to build his music career which yielded no result after several years of hard-work. According to Nasiru, frustration made him leave music to pursue his acting career as a comedian which has started paying off seemingly. Nasiru as a comedian had an outstanding skill, he could almost perfectly imitate Nigeria's music big name Davido who is also known as Obo. Nasiru the Comedian gained his social media presence and popularity status by sharing his few minutes comedy video as low budget Obo where he perfectly imitate Obo's voice in his videos also rephrasing his words. 
His rise in fame, was after a video of Davido linking up with him went viral online with attracted the likes of other social media influencers and stars amongst which Instagram blogger Tunde Ednut started sharing Nasiru's content on his page freely with charge thereby driving him tones of followers and popularity status on instagram.

What Is Iamnasboi Age? How Old Is Iamnasboi? 
Iamnasboi Birthday? When Is Iamnasboi Birthday?
Low budget Obo or Iamnasboi as popularly known doesn't reveal his precise age but he is between the ages of 26-30. Nasiru's birthday is on March 13, he marks his birthday celebration yearly. 

What Is Iamnasboi Date Of Birth And Iamnasboi Zodiac Sign?
Nasiru's date of birth is not precisely known but is stipulated to be on 13 March 1990's. His zodiac sign determined by God's birthday which is on March 13 tells to be Pisces represented as ♓.
What Is Iamnasboi Social Media Handles?
Nasiru who is also known as low budget Obo is a very active social media user as his popularity is mostly attributed to the use of social media platforms although he is a good content creator, he couldn't have been able to have achieve so much popularity and fortune without social media in such a short time. 

Iamnasboi Instagram?
Nasiru whose real name is Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru is on instagram as @iamnasboi with over 455k followers. 

Iamnasboi Tiktok?
He is also active on tiktok as @iamnasboi 

Iamnasboi Twitter? His Twitter handle is the same as @iamnasboi 

Iamnasboi Facebook? 
He is also very active on facebook with over 237k followers on his Facebook account. As @iamnasboi 

Iamnasboi Youtube?
After Nasiru discovered that her could make money from sharing his content on YouTube, it was already late, someone else was already sharing his content and making cool cash from it and he went ahead to open his self titled account.

Iamnasboi Nationality, Iamnasboi Country?
Lawal Michael Bolaji Nasiru known as Nasiru is a Nigerian. He originally hails from Osun state Nigeria.

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What Is Iamnasboi Height? 
How tall is Iamnasboi? Nasiru's is 5 ft 9" tall. 

Iamnasboi Weight? Nasiru weighs about 85kg±

What Is Iamnasboi Race And Iamnasboi Ethnicity?
Nasiru is of black race and African Ethnicity.

Who Is 
Iamnasboi Family? 
There's no information about Nasiru's family online as he prefers to keep his family related details private. 

Iamnasboi Parents, Iamnasboi Father, Iamnasboi Mother?
 Details about Nasiru's parents, father and mother is not available.

Who Is
 Iamnasboi Girlfriend?
Nasiru confirm that he has a girlfriend but clearly stated that he doesn't like it when his relationship is being talked about, therefore keeping his girlfriend's identity a secret. 

Iamnasboi Married? 
Although Nasiru the Comedian is in a relationship but he is currently not married 

Who Is 
Iamnasboi Husband? Iamnasboi Ex-Husband? Iamnasboi Ex-Boyfriend?

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Iamnasboi Tribe?
What Tribe is Iamnasboi the comedian?
Low budget Obo known as Nasiru caused commotion online as most people mistook him for an igbo due to his ability to imitate almost perfectly the igbo accent his video. Nasiru the Comedian clearly corrected the impression saying, he is not an Igbo man but rather a Yoruba by tribe. 

Iamnasboi Tattoos? Does Iamnasboi Have Tattoos? 
Yes, Nasiru the Comedian has tattoos on his body.

Iamnasboi Eye Colour, Iamnasboi Hair Colour?
 Nasiru is a typical African with black skin, hair and eye colour.

Iamnasboi Interviews?
Nasiru the Comedian has been in several interviews since his recent rise in fame and in regards to his special voice imitation skill, comedy skits and viral contents he usually creates. 

Iamnasboi Songs?
Nasiru was formerly in the business of music and song writing but depression pushed him out of it as he couldn't pay his bills from songwriting.

What Is 
Iamnasboi Net Worth? 
Iamnasboi Net Worth In Dollars is $100,000. While Nasiru's net worth is yet to be estimated, he is worth approximately $100,000. 


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