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Basic Facts Outline;

Full NameMalinda Bellanu
Popular AsBeauty New New
Age32 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth01 May 1989
Height/Weight5 ft 3"/75kg±
Profession/CareerNurse/Entrepreneur/Fashion Model
Net Worth$1,000,000

Beauty New New Biography And Wiki: 

Where Is Beauty New New From? 

Beauty New Skincare aka Beauty_newnew is a health and beauty personal blog on Instagram, that is also responsible for an online fashion store namely  Hermusefashionhaus, and Beauty New  skincare owned by popular Instagram social media star, Malinda Bellanu. 

Malinda Bellanu as a mother has two children, her first child is Sean, who will be 15 Years Old by October 3, 2022. 

Malinda Bellanu celebrated her son's 14 Years birthday in 2021 which she shared on her Instagram page with the tag; 

Sean, My handsome and genuine boy. I am so happy to be your mother. You have changed me in so many ways I could never imagined. I promise to give you everything this world has to offers. You are my joy, happiness and peace in this cruel world. I love you Sonshine Happy Birthday Baby. 

Beauty New New aka Malinda Bellanu second child is Makayla, who will be 14 Years Old in 2023. She celebrated her daughter's 10 Years birthday with the message tagged; 

Dear Makayla, 

From tying your shoes, to starting your first day of school, to making new friends, becoming such a outgoing, smart,filled with so much life. You are my big hearted beautiful baby girl. That’s just a few things to describe you. In the 10 years of my life of being your mother. I am so proud of you baby. Mommy loves you with all her heart and soul. Without you there is no me. You are going to take the world by storm. I love you Makayla Happy 10th Birthday ๐Ÿ’• Sincerely, Mommy. 

While celebrating mother's day, Malinda Bellanu shared a picture of herself and her children where she said; 

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see that I have come a long way from being a carefree girl to a caring, responsible mom and I feel really proud. Happy Mother’s Day to the mom in me.

๐ŸŒธ To the Mother’s who has always worked hard to bring her kids the best of the happiness and comforts. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

What Is Beauty New New Real Name?

Malinda Bellanu is the real name of famous fashion celebrity beauty new new. 

Who Is Beauty New New? 

Beauty New New aka Malinda Bellanu (born 01 May 1989) is a professional American nurse, entrepreneur, mother of two kids, and a popular fashion model known for owning two different successful fashion stores, Her Muse Fashion Haus And Beauty New Skin Care. 

Malinda Bellanu is a professional nurse and a mother of two children, Sean and Makayla, who are of the ages of 15 Years and 13 Years Old respectively as of 2022. 

Malinda Bellanu famously known as Beauty New New recognized for dealing in skin care products, originally hails from South Side, Chicago the most populous city in Illinois, United States and named the third most populous state in all of the United States just after New York City, the first and Los Angeles, the second. 

Beauty New New went viral on social media, Instagram, after one of her pictures (above) got lots of attention for being overly perfect. The picture of her sitting in a car without a seat belt and still maintained beauty without make up was the reason she went viral. 

Malinda Bellanu started her fashion business line with just sales of ladies eye lashes in September, 2017 after which she launch her sales on her official website. 

Malinda Bellanu whose Hometown is Chicago currently lives in Texas where she works as a professional nurse at Rasmussen University, School Of Nursing.

Beauty New New as she is professionally known has over worked herself over the years to be able to solely own these two successful fashion and beauty lines, which according to her has not been an easy journey coming through. 

"People don’t see the sleepless nights, changing your formulas multiple times for the perfect ingredients for your products for your customers. The financial setbacks. I am a mother and student full-time. People will see only a glimpse of the finished product. They don't know the trials and errors you had to overcome to complete the race. I put sweat and tears into my brand. Times I felt like giving up; I didn't. This message is for all the people that think about quitting. Don't ever give up on your dreams" - Malinda Bellanu aka Beauty New New Skincare.

Beauty New New Age: 

How Old Is Beauty New New? 
Malinda Bellanu new age as of 2022 is 32 Years. That is Beauty New New will be 32 Years Old in 2022 after she celebrates her birthday.

Beauty New New Birthday: 

When Is Beauty New New Birthday?
Beauty New New aka Malinda Bellanu birthday falls on the May 01, every year as she celebrates it with her two kids, Sean 15, and Makayla 13, alongside her mother and other family and friends.

Beauty New New Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign:

Beauty New New whose real name is Malinda Bellanu date of birth is on 01 May 1989 and her zodiac sign is Taurus ♉๐Ÿ‚, which signifies bull. They're are known to be strong women. 

YoutubeNot Available
TikTok@Not Available
Twitter@Malinda Bellanu
FacebookNot Available

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Beauty New New Height: 

How Tall Is Beauty New New?
Malinda Bellanu aka Beauty New New stands tall at a height of 5 ft 3" and it's equivalent in centimeter. 

Despite being plus sized and having an amazing body physique, Malinda Bellanu is barely up to an average height but she is just the full description of the word figure 8 as in body measurement and looks. 

Beauty New New Weight: 

Malinda Bellanu aka Beauty New New Skincare weighs an average of 75kg±, and of course there's every tendency to increase or reduce. 

Beauty New New Race: 

Black race. Malinda Bellanu is one of the rich and famous black Americans celebrities with an African American mother and American father.

Beauty New New Ethnicity: 

Beauty New New is of African American ethnicity.

Beauty New New 
Family, Parents:

Malinda Bellanu lives happily with her family in Texas, while there's no much information about her parents, Beauty New New usually shares pictures of her mother alone.

Beauty New New Father And Mother:

There's no information about Beauty New New aka Malinda Bellanu father or mother available but there are pictures of Malinda mother all over her Instagram page.

Beauty New New Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: 

There's no information about Malinda Bellanu boyfriend available because she does not have a boyfriend.

Beauty New New Girlfriend: 

Beauty New New s*xual orientation is straight and she is not romantically or s*xually involved with any one of her same gender.

Beauty New New 

Is Beauty New New Married? Yes, while Malinda Bellanu is a mother of two beautiful kids, she also seems to be married but has put away any information about her husband as she does not want to make it public. 

Beauty New New Husband, Ex-Husband: Although Beauty New New aka Malinda Bellanu has a husband, there's no information about him but she doesn't fail to put on her wedding ring on her finger.

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Beauty New New Tribe: 

What Tribe Is Beauty New New? 

Beauty New New 

Does Beauty New New Have Tattoos? 
 Yes, Beauty New New has a name tattooed on her wrist. Details about the tattoo is not available.

Beauty New New Eye Colour: 

Beauty New New eye colour is brown.

Beauty New New Hair Colour: 

Her hair colour is black.

Beauty New New Interviews: 

Beauty New New Surgery: 

Beauty New New Songs:

Beauty New New Net Worth: 

Beauty New New Net Worth In Dollars? 
Malinda Bellanu a professional nurse and famous fashion model and entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of approximately $1,000,000 as of the year 2022.

Beauty New New Controversies/Rumors:

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