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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Maduakor Chisom Faustina
Popular As Berby Picxy Tiktok
Gender Female
Age 18 Years Old (2021)
Date Of Birth 31/07/2003
Boyfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 7"/45kg+
Profession/Career Tiktoker
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $20,000

Berby Picxy Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who is Berby Picxy? Here's a full biography of tiktok sensational star, Berby Picxy is a tiktok sensational star who's real name is Maduakor Chisom Faustina. Berby Picxy is a native of Abia State, Nigeria. Berby Picxy as she is professionally known is a tiktok star, content creator, dancer and brand influencer. Berby Picxy real name is Maduakor Chisom Faustina. Berby Picxy as a brand has gained popularity from just sharing her dance and content creation videos on tiktok.
Berby Picxy has attained the celebrity status from tiktok video creation and promotion of songs she does on her official tiktok handle. She has also been known to win some tiktok dance challenges which is the secret to her fame on tiktok. Apart from just winning challenges and promotional offers, Berby Picxy has gained prominence due to her distinguishing beauty. 
Maduakor Chisom Faustina who's who is also known as Berby Picxy hails from the South-eastern part of Nigeria, precisely Abia State. Abia State is one of Nigeria's states located in the South-eastern part.
What Is Berby Picxy AgeBerby Picxy Birthday? How Old Is Berby Picxy? When Is Berby Picxy Birthday?
Maduakor Chisom Faustina who famously known as Berby Picxy has deceptive look when it comes to guessing her age, from mere looks Berby Picxy could be mistaken to be 15 or 16 Years Old, but just after she celebrated her birthday on 31 July 2021, she revealed that she is actually 18 Years Old.
What Is Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign?
Berby Picxy real date of birth is 31 July 2003 as she stated. Her zodiac sign is Leo ♌. Leos are very loving, theatrical, and creative. Compassionate and big-heartedness, consciousness, drive, and natural leadership are the four main characteristics of the Leo personality. Leos are known for their generosity of time, energy, respect, and money. As a result, Leos are attracted to others.  

What Is Berby Picxy 
Social Media Handles? Instagram? Tiktok? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?
Berby Picxy popularity is attributed to the constant use of social media which has led her to becoming one of tiktok sensational star with over 3M followers online. With her engagement on tiktok, one can say she has attained the celebrity status although via the use of social media. 

Thus, she is very active on all Social media platforms such as Instagram, tiktok, Twitter and youtube with her professional name Berby Picxy, she has attained over 1.7k subscribers on youtube even without making the channel official yet but she will be doing that soon. 

Berby Picxy whose real name is Maduakor Chisom Faustina has no official Facebook account yet and does not plan to open one soon, and has warned people not to fall for any scam using her name.

She has recently open an official instagram account where she now shares her content and dance, although her instagram page is yet to be verified, she has over a 100k followers on her just created Instagram account.

Nationality, Country?
Due to Berby Picxy's amazing looks, she has been severally mistaken for a foreigner. Berby Picxy has a fair skin complexion which leaves fans thinking she is a foreigner, but Maduakor Chisom Faustina aka Berby Picxy is a Nigerian.  

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What Is Berby Picxy Height And Weight? How Tall Is Berby Picxy? Berby Picxy weighs about 40-45kg+, while she stands straight at a height of 5 ft 7". She has nice body physique.

What Is Berby Picxy Race And Ethnicity?
Although Berby Picxy skin colour may create a different impression about her race, but she is of an African ethnicity and black race.

Who Is 
Berby Picxy Family, Parents, Father, Mother?
Berby Picxy real name is Maduakor Chisom Faustina, she doesn't really talk much about her family, but she is not secretive with her family members. One of few occasions, she has deliberately shared pictures of her family comprising of her father, mother, younger brother and herself. She is the first child of two children of her parents and the first daughter. Her father's name is Mr. Maduakor, while her mother's name is Mrs, Maduakor. Her younger brother's name is Alex Maduakor.
Who Is Berby Picxy Boyfriend? Married?
Not much is known about her boyfriend, it may also be that she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. And she is not married.

Who Is 
Berby Picxy Husband? Ex-Boyfriend?
Berby Picxy is just a young adult, she just turned 18. Berby Picxy is not married yet and doesn't have any husband yet.

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Berby Picxy Tribe? Berby Picxy Tattoos? Does Berby Picxy Have Tattoos? 
What Tribe Is Berby Picxy? Berby Picxy doesn't have any tattoos on her body yet and has stated that they're are no intentions to get one soon.
Berby Picxy is an Igbo from South-eastern part of Nigeria precisely from Abia State.

Eye Colour, Hair Colour?

Interviews? Surgery? Songs?
Not Available.

What Is Net Worth? Net Worth In Dollars?
Berby Picxy net worth is yet to be measured but with over 3M active followers on her tiktok handle, she is estimated to have an approximate net worth of about $20,000.


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