Callmewyzee Biography, Instagram, Net Worth, Age, Comedy, Girlfriend.


Below is a detailed comprehensive biography of upcoming Instagram comedian actor and musician Baba Aladiye who is also known as Callmewyzee. Baba Aladiye real name is Odukoya Wasiu Abiodun. He is 27 Years Old as of 2021.

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Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth, 
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Baba Aladiye Biography
Callmewyzee Biography

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Full Names: Odukoya Wasiu Abiodun
Popular As: Baba Aladiye/Callmewyzee
Gender: Male
Age: 27 Years Old
Date Of Birth: 04/Jan/1994
Spouse: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Height/Weight: 5 ft 5" / 80kg
Net Worth: $100,000
Occupation/Profession: Actor/Comedian/Musician
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
Religion: Muslim
Tattoo: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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Baba Aladiye Biography

Baba Aladiye Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name;

Baba Aladiye is an upcoming Nigerian Instagram comedian, although he is popularly known as Baba Aladiye which happens not to be his real name. Baba Aladiye real full name is Odukoya Wasiu Abiodun. Odukoya Wasiu Abiodun is a musician, actor, Comedian and a graduate of a Nigerian university. Baba Aladiye as he is Popularly known if one of the vibrant youths whose economic status pushed to the walls. Baba Aladiye explained that before we he got into comedy, he wallowed in abject poverty, which is what led becoming a comedian. In his own words, “Poverty Pushed Me Into Comedy, I am into it so that I can get rid of Poverty”. He plans on going back into music after he has made some money he would use to sponsor his music career but he hasn't stated if he is interested in pursuing his academics any further.
Baba Aladiye recent rise in fame was as a result of getting so many engagement on his comedy videos, due to his different style of comedy. He is most popular for his Comedy video with chicken, eggs and a brown native dress. He got his comedy idea from constant visitation of a poultry farm to purchase eggs and fowls. As a content creator, his content creating style is unique from others and while still achieving the purpose for which it was created. His popular stage name Baba Aladiye is associated with his style of comedy. He got his popular name in February 2019 when his friend would tell him up motivate the hens to lay eggs while he was putting on the brown cloth which he is known for in his comedy videos.
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What Is Age Baba Aladiye, Baba Aladiye Birthday? How Old Is Baba Aladiye? When Is Baba Aladiye Birthday? 

Baba Aladiye age is 27 Years Old. Baba Aladiye Birthday is on the 04th January Yearly.
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What Is Baba Aladiye Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign? 

Baba Aladiye real date of birth is 4th January, 1994. As confirmed from him. Being born on the 4th January, his zodiac sign is Capricorn, they are known to be enthusiastic, intelligent and extremely practical. They are composed and unfazed. Though usually introverted they can get lively, quick witted and entertaining with their close friends and family. Born leaders, they are known to be industrious and enterprising.

What Is Baba Aladiye Social Media Handles? Baba Aladiye Instagram? Baba Aladiye Tiktok? Baba Aladiye Twitter? Baba Aladiye Facebook? Baba Aladiye Youtube?

Baba Aladiye is very active on virtually all social media with the username @Baba Aladiye. He has a more wide fan base on Facebook than on instagram and Twitter while he has over 380k followers on his Instagram account after his rise to fame.

Baba Aladiye Nationality, Baba Aladiye Country?

Comedian Baba Aladiye is of Nigerian Nationality. His state of origin is not known although he is a Yoruba muslim from the west.
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What Is Baba Aladiye Height And Baba Aladiye Weight? How Tall Is Baba Aladiye? 

Baba Aladiye is quite a handsome man but he is not up to an average height. Baba Aladiye stands tall at a height of 5 ft 5" while he weighs about 80kg. 
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What Is Baba Aladiye Race And Baba Aladiye Ethnicity?

Baba Aladiye is of African Ethnicity and of a black race.

Who Is Baba Aladiye Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

There's no information about Baba Aladiye Family Parents Father Mother nor siblings.
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Who Is Baba Aladiye Girlfriend? Baba Aladiye Married?

Baba Aladiye is not married yet but he has a girlfriend whose details are not public.

Who Is  Baba Aladiye Wife? Baba Aladiye Ex-Wife? Baba Aladiye Ex-Girlfriend? 

Baba Aladiye is not married and has never been married. His Ex-Girlfriends details are not known.
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Baba Aladiye Tribe? Baba Aladiye Tattoos? Does Baba Aladiye Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Baba Aladiye? 

Baba Aladiye Tribe is Yoruba, he doesn't have any tattoos.

Baba Aladiye Eye Colour, Hair Colour? 

Baba Aladiye has black hair and skin colour.
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Baba Aladiye Interviews? Surgery? Baba Aladiye Songs?

What Is Baba Aladiye Net Worth? Baba Aladiye Net Worth In Dollars?

Baba Aladiye Net Worth in dollar is estimated to be about $50,000 as of 2021.
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