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Friday, November 15, 2019

I Got Hot In Front Of My Mom _ Man Pranks His Mom With Fake Joystick

Here's a video making rounds online as a young man pranks his mom with a fake joystick.

This Prank got people talking. This got a lot of people talking.

"You Don't Wanna Touch”, he said.

A boy's skit prank has got social media users and people talking after showing his mother a fake joystick.

He surprised his mother in the living room with his fake joystick, and asked her to touch it, but refused.

I should slap you in the stuff for laughing in my face she said. Remove that shuff from here,
are you sick in the head. What the beep is this, the mother lamented.

You don't wanna touch it?

He said as he went further to use his fake joystick to touch his mother's backside.

This got social media users talking as some said he went too far saying the mom should touch it,
while some thinks he should be arrested, because he may do worst.

Watch Video Below:

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