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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Nigerian Lady Confronts Man For Harassing Her In A Public Transport

Newsbroadcastnaija: Sexual harassment has seemed to be a daily routine for some ill cultured perverts, we really hope this issue is treated with utmost discipline and the perpetrator of this act brought to justice as

this will be the only way to curb rising cases of rape on daily basis, I see that the public is being silent about this and that's why such act is it ongoing.
Just at it's worst, can you imagine this

pervert was caught on camera while trying to deep his hand inside a young lady's skirt right in a public keke without shame or fear he was comfortably inserting his hand into the lady's skirt while pretending to be shaking as a result of the bad roads. While

everyone in this keke was quiet about this the lady handled the issue her self and for evidence sake here's what she did.
For Evidence the Nigerian Lady Patiently

Records pervert deeping his hands inside her skirts before confronting him inside Keke.

Watch Video Here: 

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