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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Celebrities Reacts To Lady's Instagram Dance Video

Newsbroadcastnaija: Big booty lady trends online for dancing with her massive

backside. This trending video has caught the attention of well many Nigerians not

excluding several Nigerian celebrities among with is Nollywood actress Oyinbo

Princess as watched the video, reacted with so much surprise, “Omo See Yansh Ooooo”. Along side Tunde Ednut who surprised people with his comment, he said,

“South Africans sha! They are blessed. Is this one not too big? Even when I was in the world, I wouldn’t know where to start from.

Person go first confuse. I pity those with small dick, just forget these type of ladies.

Go and look for your size somewhere else.” and many more.

Watch Video Here:

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