Lady Beats And Humiliates Her Husband In A Restaurant Over Cheap Car Keys

Newsbroadcastnaija: A lot of Nigerian celebrities in the likes of Rudeboy and
many more others are reacting to a viral

video online of a very fierce lady who walked up to her husband in a restaurant while he was peacefully having his meal

alone. According to the video, the reason for beating and humiliation was that she was
supposed to go out with the car just

before her husband took it out after waiting for a while and she didn't see the car nor
her husband, she looked for him and found

him eating at a restaurant and gave him a life time beating of ecstasy.
One of the Nigerian artists, Rudeboy

commented in anger, he said, “Dem Never Born Dat Woman", and many other celebrities.

What was Shocking about this video was that the young man remained calm and didn't
even retaliate nor did he reply.

Watch Video Below: 

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