See How Lady Was Exposed For Cheating On Her Husband

Newsbroadcastnaija: Here's a viral footage making rounds online as a man decides
to take a tour to the land of the dead, will he

come back alive?? Watch Out!!!

According to the story a particular soldier who has been suspecting his wife of

cheating on him decides to place a traditional curse on any man who would have
affair with his wife, unfortunately

fellow and his neighbors wife(Soldier), who is probably sex starved decides to satisfy her Hunger with this unidentified man who

wants to take a tour to the land of the dead, she bends over for him in order to get a quickie but unknown to her the

unimaginable has been done, upon penetration into the lady's Pussy this young man is
trapped in the land, will he survive? He is trapped in the body of a soldiers wife

under a curse..... Hmm.

Watch Video Below: 

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