Moment A Clergy Was Seen Praying For A Church Member Goes Viral

Newsbroadcastnaija: In this our time of social media, we come across so many things
that are shocking and really hard to believe, and some atimes we don't even

believe it. Ranging from secret family issues and so many unbelievable things that someone
in normal senses wouldn't actually post online.

I believe that there is no limit to the power of God over the universe and all individuals,
the same word of God has made it clear that distance can never be a

barrier to the move of God over things. What exactly is this pastor proving, there have
been several cases of Pastors praying for people with problems with their private

parts but this is way out it, Is this right well, for me I'll not say it's God's way to judge.

Here's a rare video of a Pastor praying for a member of his church having problems

with his dick during church service right before the congregation, this pastor was seen
sensationally rubbing the man's dick forth and back through his pants, while praying for
him and all the members just sat down observing
and shouting to the anointed dick.

Watch Video Here: 


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