Nineteen Years Old Teenager Cheaply Auctions Herself At Two Million Naira

Newsbroadcastnaija: Some men with their ill mannered lifestyle will never seize to
surprise people with what they especially when it comes to women affairs most of

them become cockerels and he goats that can't control the thing in between their legs,
bugging and stalking ladies carelessly.
Well, here's a viral video of a Nigerian

pretty lady with great attributes as a lady saying things that proves her to be nothing
but a cheap commodity in the market.

In details, this 19 years old pretty lady

laments on how irresponsible men slide into her Dm just to say how much they want to have
her sexually. She got angry and tired of this and makes a

video saying to the men, stop sending me this nonsense messages, if you want to have me,
I am a virgin just bring two million Naira and you can take the
gold medal you want from my Pussy.

Watch Video Below: 

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