Romance: SexForGradesAgain? Nigerians Reacts As Lecturer Is Caught And Arrested With Student In Hotel For Grades

Newsbroadcastnaija: It's happening again in Nigeria.

Just months ago, there were several reports of lecturers who were accused of sex for

grades with their female students, we all thought this issue had been properly addressed but it seems not as there are

reoccurring cases of lecturers sleeping with their female students on order to enhance
their grades.

Even amidst the present situation of tertiary institution in the country due to the covid-19
pandemic lock down, where all the tertiary institution were closed, except for

recent easing that led to the opening of few schools in Nigeria, yet another lecturer
has been caught with indisputable evidence(video) of him having sex with a

female student in a hotel.

According to the group of patriotic Nigerians who shared the video, walked in to the
hotel room while recording the

moment, unfortunately they caught the lecturer pants down with the student and
the group of Nigerian police officers who were with them swung into action and

handcuffed the suspect.

Watch Video Below: 

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