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The exclusive top rated tv show, Big Brother Naija season 6, with the 'Shine Ya Eye' housemates, had just kicked off on the 24th July, 2021 with the first eleven housemates as the guys and the second as ladies. In male category, for Bbnaija housemates season 6 we have the likes of Boma, Yernis, Saga, JayPaul, Pere, Niyi, Sammie, Cross, Whitemoney, Emmanuel and Yousef. Here's we shall take a look at the complete biography of JayPaul Bbnaija.  

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Quick Facts Checks; 

Full Names: Prince Paul Ephraim
Popular As: JayPaul 
Gender: Male
Age: 29 Years Old
Date Of Birth: 14/10/2021
Spouse:  Not Married
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:  Single
Height/Weight: 5 ft 7" /65+
Net Worth: $10'000-$20,000
Occupation/Profession: Musician/Actor
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: No
Sexual Orientation: Straight

JayPaul Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name;

Hello readers, meet Prince Paul Ephraim of Calabar, though he has decided to keep his royalty aside while in search of fortune and fame, Paul Ephraim whom has gained his popularity as JayPaul Bbnaija after entering the big brother Naija house, has gained dominance over some owing to his undisputable cuteness and physique. Somehow, JayPaul happens to be the doppelganger of Nigeria's sensational star artist Omaha Lay with so much resemblance. Not to be left out is how he wears same hairstyle as Omaha Lay while having similar body physique.  

Come back to JayPaul, during the previous season 5, JayPaul attempts to make it to Bbnaija failed.

JayPaul, 29, is a brand ambassador, model, musician, actor and not forgetting he is also an Entrepreneur, he is originally from Calabar, Cross river state, JayPaul resides in Lagos where he pursues his musical career.

He has expressed himself to be humble, playful, honest, confident and entertaining and as so do not like negative energy. 

He filmmaking(acting), cooking and dancing as his hobbies for leisure. 

Coming from a royal family, JayPaul understands the important roles of family in ones life and as such holds that with so much high esteem. Having lost his father, JayPaul take his mother and two other lovely sisters so dearly.

What JayPaul Is Age, What Is JayPaul Birthday? How Old Is JayPaul? When Is JayPaul Birthday?

It's really interesting to know that as young and small as JayPaul looks he is actually older than he looks. JayPaul is aged 29 Years Old as of 2021 while in the big brother house. 
All though the young star as started making name for himself before the Big Brother house, JayPaul is celebrated by many as an artist. JayPaul's birthday happens to be on 14 October, he sets out time every year to celebrate his birthday with friends and family on this date. 

What Is JayPaul Date Of Birth And JayPaul Zodiac Sign? 

While JayPaul is 29 Years Old, his actual date of birth is 14/10/1992. And as such, attributes him to the zodiac sign Libra, which states why he is a warm and giving person, with an exclusive and sophisticated way about himself. Being an excellent communicator. 
JayPaul's zodiac sign is Libra.  

What Is JayPaul Social Media Handles? JayPaul Instagram? JayPaul Tiktok? JayPaul Twitter? JayPaul Facebook? JayPaul Youtube?

JayPaul Bbnaija is on instagram, but there's is no official twitter, Facebook, tiktok or youtube. JayPaul's official instagram handle is @jaypaulmrflamez he has created over 1k posts on his Instagram account, while following 975 people, he used to have about 15k followers before the Big Brother Naija show, due to the rise in fame and as a housemate in big brother naija he has gained over 45k new followers on instagram just within a space of a day. 
Be careful of fake accounts and pages in the name of JayPaul, his official social media accounts are limited. 
JayPaul does not run a YouTube channel .

What Is JayPaul Nationality, JayPaul Country?

Paul Ephraim also known as JayPaul Bbnaija is of Nigerian Nationality. He is from Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. 
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JayPaul Bbnaija Height And Weight

What Is JayPaul Height And Weight? How Tall Is JayPaul?

Although JayPaul Bbnaija actual height is yet to be measured but he roundly at 5 ft 7" tall when standing, making him the shortest Bbnaija housemates in the male category. 
As of the time of entering the house, JayPaul Bbnaija's weight is about 70kg, but there is every possibility for an increase or decrease in weight during and after the Big Brother Naija show.

JayPaul Bbnaija Ethnicity

What Is JayPaul Race And Ethnicity?

JayPaul is black skinned and of an African Ethnicity, precisely from Nigeria.

JayPaul Bbnaija Family

JayPaul Bbnaija Mother

Who Is JayPaul Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

JayPaul Bbnaija Mom

Mrs Ephraim

JayPaul Bbnaija And His Mother

JayPaul Bbnaija is the only son of his family, his mother's name is Mrs Ephraim not much is known about her on the social media. While JayPaul has two sisters who are both on instagram, JayPaul Bbnaija is fond of his youngest sister. 
Jennifer Ephraim, JayPaul's Bbnaija Sister

JayPaul Bbnaija First Sister

JayPaul's Bbnaija first sister is Jennifer Ephraim, who works for vivo phones Nigeria in Lagos. She is on instagram as @Jennyephraim2013 with just 100 followers. Her age is not known but she is between 25-27 years old
JayPaul's Sister Laura B Ephraim

JayPaul Bbnaija And Sister Laylz 

JayPaul And Laura Ephraim

JayPaul's Bbnaija second sister is Laura B Ephraim, who is 19 years old as of 2021. Laylz as JayPaul fondly calls her, she is the last baby of the house and JayPaul's favorite. She is on instagram as @_Laylz_ with over 1k followers.

JayPaul Bbnaija 19years old sister

Laylz Photos

Laura B Ephraim Photos

Who Is Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Married?

JayPaul is not gay and so he is not romantically involved with any male nor in a sexually relationships with any male. Although JayPaul Bbnaija as a guy has other male friends. 

While JayPaul Bbnaija had stated the obvious that he has been in relationships, he has not made clear if he currently have a girlfriend or not but he is certainly single. 

JayPaul is yet to be married as of his time of entry into the Big Brother Naija house in 2021. 

Who Is JayPaul Wife? JayPaul Ex-Wife? JayPaul Ex-Girlfriend? 

JayPaul Bbnaija has not been married before and as so does not have an Ex-Wife. Up till now, he is still not married so he does not have a wife. While he has Ex-Girlfriends he hasn't revealed the identity of any of his girlfriends from the past. So no information about his Ex-Girlfriends is on the social media right now.  

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JayPaul Tribe? JayPaul Tattoos? Does JayPaul Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is JayPaul? 

JayPaul Bbnaija is from a tribe in Calabar, he has not precisely stated which, but . Currently, JayPaul Bbnaija does not have any tattoos yet on his body although chances may be that he'll get one in the nearest future but he is yet to do so .

JayPaul Eye Colour, JayPaul Hair Colour? 

JayPaul's hair and eye colour is black as he is a black skinned Nigerian. With an African body build. 

             JayPaul Bbnaija Photos

JayPaul Interviews? JayPaul Surgery? JayPaul Songs?

There has been no interviews with JayPaul Bbnaija yet but there will be a lot after he is out of the house. 
JayPaul is a musician and released quite a number of songs as follows; 

What Is JayPaul Net Worth? What Is JayPaul Net Worth In Dollars?

JayPaul Bbnaija net worth is yet to be measured but as an artist, actor and entrepreneur he has an estimated net worth in dollars of $10,000-$20,000 approximately.

Please Note: This Post Might Not Be Complete Due To Less Available Source. We Are Updating A More Detailed Bio Data, That We Would Be Uploading Soon (I.e If Not Completed Yet). As This Post Is For Educational Purpose, Hence It Is Subject To Further Research And Addition Of More Factual Data/Information. You Can Also Send A MAIL For Correction. 

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