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Newsbroadcastnaija: You have heard of Queen Naija right? Is she Nigerian? Is she adopted? Is she Married? Who is exactly is Queen Naija? Well, whether you know a little about her or not we'll tell you just all what you want and need to know about the American Vlogger And Singer...... Yes you heard right she's American. Read more Below; 

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Quick Facts Checks; 

  • Full Names: Queen Naija Bull White 
  • Popular As: Queen Naija
  • Gender: Female 
  • Age: 26 As Of (2021)
  • Boyfriend: Ex Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, Christopher Sails.
  • Husband: Clarence White(Clarence NYC)
  • Occupation / Profession: Singer/Youtuber/Songwriter/Model/Mother
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: White/African-American/Italian/Arabian
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight

Queen Naija Biography, Wiki, Origin, Real Name;

American Singer Queen Naija Bull White, 26, famous as Queen Naija is not just a singer but a YouTuber, Songwriter and Instagram star. She was born Queen Naija as given to her by her mother. Her name Queen was from her grandmother while Naija remained as her last name from her father. One may think ask, why Naija? This is because she is of a mixed Ethnicity. 
She described her ethnicity as a mixed one as her mother is of an African-American ethnicity as well as Italian while her father was Arabian, he was born in Yemen. As of 2018, she was signed up Capitol Records.
She was born in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA.

What Is Queen Naija Age, Queen Naija Birthday? 

In the year 2020, Queen Naija marked her 25th birthday, On October 17. By 2021 October Queen Naija will be 26 years old. Currently Queen Naija Age is 25, she'll be marking 26 by October 17.

What Is Queen Naija Date Of Birth And Queen Naija Zodiac Sign? 

Being born on October Queen Naija's zodiac sign is Libra, her precise date of birth is 17/10/1995, that's is on the seventh day of October, 1995.

What Is Queen Naija Social Media Handles?

Queen Naija runs several of her social media account herself, using her name as the brand. She can be found on instagram as @queennaija, while she has about 141 posts as at the time of this update, follows 240 people, she has an over 8.8m followers on her official instagram account with outrageous engagement.
Queen Naija is also on Twitter as @queennaija, "I Blame Queen Naija". And also runs her solo youtube channel as Queen Naija with over 4.93m subscribers, surpassing her previous youtube channel with her Ex-Husband.  

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What Is Queen Naija Height And Queen Naija Weight? 

Queen Naija stands tall at a height of 5 ft 1" (155cm), while weighing over 70kg.

What Is Queen Naija Race And Ethnicity?

While Queen Naija is of a white race, she described herself as one of a mixed ethnicity as her mother is an African-American and Italian, her dad is Arabian born in Yemen. 

Who Is Queen Naija Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

More about Queen Naija Family, there were controversies that Queen Naija may have been adopted but, No. Queen Naija is not an adopted child. She has two other siblings of which she is the eldest, a younger brother by name Terrell Stewart and a younger sister Tina Bandos. She is a very family loving person and likes to spend time with her family. Queen Naija mother's name is Reeva Bulls, nothing is revealed about Queen Naija's father. Other than his name Naiji which is where her name Naija is derived from.

Queen Naija is now married to her partner Clarence White (ClarenceNYC) and together they are blessed with a son named Legend Lorenzo White. 

Who Is Queen Naija Boyfriend? 

Queen Naija currently has no boyfriend as she is married to her partner Clarence NYC. 

Who Is Queen Naija Girlfriend? 

Queen Naija is not romantically involved with any girl, she is not a lesbian thus she does not have any girlfriend. 

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Queen Naija American Idol And Youtube Channel;

Queen Naija Bull was a contestant at the season 8 of American Idol after get auditioning for the two previous sessions failed. She fell back to her job as a security guard each time while building her youtube channel, which she started in 2015 with her ex boyfriend and ex husband Christopher Sails in Michigan.
After the couple were officially separated as a result of Chris's cheating escapades which made Queen Naija file for a divorce. Together they were able to acquire about 2.5m subscribers but she let it slip on her own will. This led to the creation of her own youtube channel as Queen Naija which had about 500k subscribers as of the early time of it's creation. Through to 2021, she has driven a total of over 4.93m youtube subscribers on her solo channel. 

What Is Queen Naija Net Worth? 

Queen Naija Net worth is well over $6.5m approximately as of 2021. 

Queen Naija Child, Children, Baby Father And First Child?

While Queen Naija is a mother of two children, she had her first child for her baby father and Ex-Husband Christopher Sails, her first Child name is Christopher Sails Jr. He was named after his father Christopher Sails. However, Queen Naija has got another baby father, her partner now her official husband ClarenceNYC aka Clarence White, they are blessed with a child named Legend Lorenzo White who was born on 29 January, 2019.

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