Who Is Gorgeous Mbali: Mbali Sebapu Biography, Age, Birthday, Bio, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, And Wiki.

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Quick Facts Check: 

Full Names: Mbali Sebapu Gorgeous
Popular As: Gorgeous_mbali
Gender: Female
Occupation / Profession: Influencer, Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador.
Nationality: South African
Race / Ethnicity: South African/Black 
Religion: Christianity.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Bio: 
Instagram influencer Mbali Sebapu Gorgeous  famously known as Gorgeous Mbali happens to be a South African. Who is also an entrepreneur and founder of Hermosa Flor Cosmetics. She is originally from Soshanguve in Pretoria SA but is now based in Durban. She started being a social media influencer as a side hustle and quit her job with the SA Navy in 2019 when it seemed to cater for the bills while being less stressful for her.  

Instagram, Make Up Line, Twitter, Career: The Beautiful, hardworking and young entrepreneur has done well for herself as she has been able to gather a wide fan base with over 400k followers on her instagram handle @gorgeous_mbali with a lot of engagements, like wise her Twitter handle @gorgeousmbali.
She is also the CEO of Hermosa Flor Cosmetics. But just before launching Hermosa Flor Cosmetics, Mbali was employed by the South African National Defence Force (SA Navy). 
The idea to establish Hermosa Flor Cosmetics came in 2017 that is two years before quitting her job. She started saving some of the money she was making as a social media influencer. Mbali used that, along with her pension fund, to build a relationship with some reputable international manufacturers. She travelled to those manufacturers to view their factories and manufacturing processes, and compare the different suppliers. Gorgeous Mbali also contacted Ndamee Group to help her establish a web presence and her current online store. Mbali did all the marketing with the experience she had gained influencing for different brands. Hermosa Flor Cosmetics planned a great campaign leading up to its launch. 

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Mbali Sebapu Age, Birthday And Date Of Birth: The successful Entrepreneur who is in her late 20s prefers keeping her exact age to herself celebrates her birthday on the 15th day of June but her exact birth year remains unknown but her date of birth is 15/06. 

Mbali Sebapu Net Worth And Welcome To The Party: Though mbali's total net worth has not been precisely estimated but her Net Worth is roughly about $100,000 to $300,000. There are chances that she's Worth more than this estimated amount. 

Mbali Sebapu Boyfriend, Husband, Ex-boyfriend: Though the South African Princess is not married neither does she reveal things about her ex boyfriend, she is however in a relationship with a South African man she described as her bestie and most understanding, though she hides his identity but she also shares videos and pictures of them together. Most recently was on his birthday when she wished him a happy birthday on her instagram handle but didn't tag him just to protect him from the media. Her Boyfriend who is quite older than her celebrates his birthday on the 6th of March but doesn't reveal his birth year. She wrote on his birthday saying; 

Aaaah my bestie best, I love you with all my heart baby ...Thank you for being present , for teaching me to be gentle with myself, for bringing out the best in me , for being my number one fan and critic, I’m never confused about my position in your life because of how you treat me DAILY, you consistently give the best love to me ... I enjoy doing this life thing with you by my side my love , you make life beautiful Nkatanga, I do not fear anything because of the safety net you’ve created for me (it’s invincible but I know it’s there), I know if I fall you’ll be right there to catch me. You are reliable , when you say you’ll do something I KNOW you will ... Wenza izinto zenzeke skhokho sam😂 , you work sooooo hard to make sure I get everything that makes me happy and I appreciate everything you do. 🥰❤️🙏🏽🥺

Our love story is definitely my favorite

Happy Birthday Champ
I love you ❤️

From much research, her Boyfriend is no other person than the Business magnate Sovo who is at the centre of a cheating scandal after multiple women came forth with ‘receipts’ that he is allegedly disloyal to Gorgeous Mbali. Social media is having a field day with the heartbreak suffered by renowned influencer and businesswoman Mbali ‘Gorgeous’ Sebafu. This comes after a number of women came forward with receipts on claims her boyfriend ‘Sovo’ is an alleged serial cheater.

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Controversies/Rumors: Who Is Sovo:
Social media blasts gorgeous mbali for her man's alleged cheating acts. Things took a turn for the worst in the couple’s public personal relationship when a number of users came forward with screenshots of Instagram DMs, showing an account allegedly belonging to Sovo in various steamy conversations with multiple women. One woman claimed that the businessman had allegedly met up with her for ‘playtime’ at a Sandton hotel.

Mbali Sebapu And Sovo, And Omuhle, Mihlahi: About Sovo: Not much information is available on this mystic entrepreneur. For the most part, his activity on social media contains a lot of self-promotion.

However, it’s widely believed Sovo has a foot in the high-end accommodation and hospitality industry. He gained notoriety on social media when he was romantically linked to Mbali, a cosmetics and jewellery magnate with a cult following.
About Omuhle: She happens to be one of the ladies with which Sovo was alleged to be cheating on Mbali Sebapu With.
About Mihlahi: Mihlahi along side her Boyfriend exposed gorgeous mbali and Sovo's secret scandal.

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