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Below is a complete biography of the American dancer professionally known as Dezi Dancer whose real name is Dezi Saenz. We bring you detailed information about Dezi Dancer including her age, real name, net worth parents and Boyfriend.

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Full Names: Dezi Saenz
Popular As: Dezi Dancer
Gender: Female
Age: 21 Years Old (2021)
Date Of Birth: 30 August 2000
Spouse: Single
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Private
Height/Weight: 5 ft 6"/57kg
Net Worth: $100,000
Occupation/Profession: Dancer/Brand Ambassador
Nationality: American
Race/Ethnicity: White/American
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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Dezi Dancer Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name;

Dezi Dancer is an American dancer whose real name is Dezi Saenz. She is a YouTuber, choreographer and an engaging Social Media Influencer whose rise in fame can be attributed to her consistency in sharing her amazing dancer videos on various social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, tiktok and of course youtube. The American born Dezi Saenz also known as Dezi Dancer was born and bred in California, USA to the family of Mr Saenz whom are her parents alongside her younger siblings. Just as it seems, most of American popular dancers started from tender age likewise Dezi Saenz also known as Dezi Dancer.
Dezi Saenz made the decision to pursue here dancing career thereby competing in several dance challenges which she won. She also contested at the American dance show title So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). She drives a large audience to her amazing content, dance videos, which has given her the status of a brand promoter and Ambassador. Currently Dezi Saenz (Dezi Dancer) is a brand ambassador of Dell XPS computer and Clear Talent Groups, she also promotes dance and songs for artists on her page.
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What Is Dezi Dancer Age, Dezi Dancer Birthday? How Old Is Dezi Dancer? When Is Dezi Dancer Birthday?

Dezi Saenz who is Popularly known as Dezi Dancer age is 21 Years Old as of 2021. Her birthday is on the 30th August. 
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What Is Dezi Dancer Date Of Birth And Dezi Dancer Zodiac Sign? 

Dezi Saenz date of birth is 30 August 2000. Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.

What Is Dezi Dancer Social Media Handles? Instagram? Tiktok? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?

Dezi Dancer as a social media is very active on virtually all of the above mentioned social media platforms her youtube channel is self titled while she can be found on other social media as Dezi Saenz or Dezi Dancer.

Dezi Dancer Nationality, Dezi Dancer Country?

Dezi Saenz is of American Nationality, precisely she's from California, USA.
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What Is Dezi Dancer Height And Weight? How Tall Is Dezi Dancer?

Dezi Dancer is not quite tall, she stands elect at a height of 5 ft 6" while weighing over 57kg
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What Is Dezi Dancer Race And Ethnicity?

Dezi Saenz is a white American dancer.

Who Is Dezi Dancer Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

The name of her father and mother Mr and Mrs Saenz, she doesn't give out family related information.
Dezi Saenz Mother
Dezi Saenz And Her Father
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Who Is Dezi Dancer Boyfriend? Married?

Dezi Saenz boyfriend details is totally off the internet as their relationship is kept private.

Who Is Dezi Dancer Husband? Ex-Husband? Ex-Boyfriend? 

Dezi Dancer aka Dezi Saenz is not married and has never been married to anyone as of 2021. Below are pictures of her prom alongside her school pals.
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Dezi Dancer Tribe? Dezi Dancer Tattoos? Does Dezi Dancer Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Dezi Dancer? 

Dezi Saenz doesn't have any tattoo.

Eye Colour, Hair Colour? 

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Interviews? Surgery? Songs?

What Is Dezi Dancer Net Worth? Dezi Dancer Net Worth In Dollars?

Dezi Saenz had an estimated net worth of about $100,000.
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