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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Edem Victor
Popular As Edem Victor
Gender Male
Age 25 Years Old
Date Of Birth 30 June 1996
Girlfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 8"/75kg+
Profession/Career Cinematographer
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $10,000

Edem Victor Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who is Visuals By Edem Victor? Edem Victor? Edem Victor is professionally known by his real name unlike most other celebrities, he prefers to be addressed by his full name Edem Victor. Edem Victor is a celebrity film director, content creator, editor and Cinematographer who has swayed so many obstacles in life and in his nature of job to attend the celebrity status even with a work that puts him behind the camera.
In 2016, Edem Victor started pursuing a career in cinematography after trying and failing to learn other skills which he was sent to learn. According to Edem Victor, life wasn't so easy for him especially when he lost his dad while they were not on talking terms. Losing his dad only meant more work and burden to take care of the family. 
Eventually, things took the right turn for Edem Victor in Cinematography, he started making a few bucks, his journey to success started when he started making films for comedians and started creating his own content even as a “behind the scenes” person, he was able to get to limelight. 
Edem Victor is the owner of popular Visuals by Edem Victor, which according to him, he started shooting and editing videos for popular comedian, actor and content creator, Oluwadolarz whose real name is Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde, CEO Oluwadolarz room of comedy. 
After working with Oluwadolarz, Edem Victor has somehow come out to the spotlight as he now films for lots of popular instagram comedians and actors in the likes of Mr Macaroni, Mc Lively, Donjazzy, Oga Sabinus, Isbae_U, Bovi, @kie_kie whose real name is Bukinmi Adeaga Ilori, Eniola Badmus, Nas Boi also known as Nasiru the Comedian.

What Is Edem Victor Age, Edem Victor Birthday? How Old Is Edem Victor? When Is Edem Victor Birthday?
Cinematographer, Edem Victor does not miss to mark his birthday every year but he seems to love his privacy so much that he has remained silent about his age. Although his birthday is celebrated every 30th June, his real age is not known but he speculated to be in his mid 20's currently.

What Is 
Edem Victor Date Of Birth And Edem Victor Zodiac Sign?
As Edem Victor's date of birth is not confirmed, his speculated date of birth is 30 June 1996.

What Is 
Edem Victor Social Media Handles? 
Edem Victor is very active on social media where he creates good viral content and shares his main work, cinematography.

Edem Victor Instagram? 
His official instagram handle is @iamedemvictor he rakes over a 200k followers on instagram as of 2021.

Edem Victor Tiktok? 

Edem Victor Twitter? 

Edem Victor Facebook? 

Edem Victor Youtube?
Edem Victor also runs a self titled youtube account with lots of engagement and subscribers although it is yet to be monetized.

Nationality, Country?
Edem Victor Visuals is a Nigerian. Although there have been several misconceptions about his nationality, that some think he is Ghanaian, but he is a full blooded Nigerian.  

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What Is Edem Victor Height And Weight? How Tall Is Edem Victor? Edem Victor stands tall at a height of 5 ft 8" while he weighs over 75kg+.

What Is Edem Victor Race And Ethnicity?
Edem Victor is of black race and African Ethnicity.

Who Is 
Edem Victor Family, Parents, Father, Mother?
Edem Victor as he is professionally known is the first son and child of his parents, Mr and Mrs Edem, in a family of three children. He lost his father way back before he got into the business of cinematography in 2016, it was a very trying time for him
Mr Edem Victor does not like to talk about his family nor get them involved with social media, that's why there's little or nothing about his family on social media.

Who Is
 Edem Victor Girlfriend? Edem Victor Married?
There's no viable information about Edem Victor's relationship status as he prefers to keep them private, but he is not married yet.

Who Is 
Edem Victor Wife? Edem Victor Ex-Wife? Edem Victor Ex-Girlfriend?
Edem Victor does not have a wife and has never been married to any woman nor man, details about his previous relationships are also kept off social media.

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Edem Victor Tribe?
What Tribe Is Edem Victor? Edem Victor is a Igbo man, he hails from South-eastern Nigeria.

Edem Victor Tattoos?
Does Edem Victor Have Tattoos? Edem Victor does not have any tattoos on his body yet but may likely get one anytime he likes. 


Eye Colour, Hair Colour?*  

Interviews? Surgery? Songs?*

What Is 
Edem Victor Net Worth? Edem Victor Net Worth In Dollars?
Edem Victor's wealth and total net worth is yet to be estimated but he is known to be worth over $10,000 in dollar and it's naira equivalent as of the year 2021.


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