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This article contains the biography of young Salle, a talented young girl who was found hawking goods on the streets. 

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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters 
Popular As Salle Music or Salle The Hawker
Gender Female
Age 17 Years Old
Date Of Birth 2004
Boyfriend None
Height/Weight N/A
Profession/Career Artist
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $1,000

Call Me Salle Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who Is Salle? 
Salle is Nigeria's fast rising star artist who was brought to the limelight by mere reposts and promotion by popular Nigerian Instagram blogger whose name is Tunde Ednut, who commands lots of traffic on instagram. 
Although this fast rising star is famously known as Simply Salle, her real name is Kosisochukwu Gospel Peters.
After she was picked on the streets hawking goods, it attracted the name Salle the Hawker to her but she prefers to be called Simply Salle. Although she is now a trend on social media with the name Salle The Hawker or just as Salle Music. 
So this article contains the full biography of Salle The Hawker better still Salle Biography. Salle Magical is a 17 Years Old(as of 2021) talented girl gifted with magical voice. Salle Magical was found on the streets of owerri, Imo state. Imo state is a South-eastern part of Nigeria. Salle is a talent young artist from a very poor background, she could barely afford proper schooling, she was found aimlessly hawking goods by the road before she was discovered. 
Although Salle was gifted with an awesome voice and most outstanding was that she could just compose songs instantly from just listening to freestyle beats. Salle Magical came from a very poor family that could not afford a proper school for her, food, cloth and other amenities she needed as a growing child. Her breakthrough story came after she was recognized by good people who have noticed her melodious and referred her to celebrities who could help her better. It so happened that day as she was hawking her goods, some people called her to inquire why she was hawking goods with such rare talents, however she said she had nothing else doing and needed money to take care of things in the family. She also revealed that even her parents were not aware of her amazing voice as she kept it away from them because they couldn't sponsor her.
After listening and recording her singing on video it was forwarded to several label who agreed to take her up. The likes of Davido and Donjazzy were contacted and help pushing her singing career forward. After several reposts she got from social media, she now one of the several trending celebrities and artists in Nigeria, although she is yet to be verified on instagram, she has gained over 214k followers on instagram as of today.

What Is Call Me Salle Age, Call Me Salle Birthday? How Old Is Call Me Salle? When Is Call Me Salle Birthday?
Salle Magical is just 17 Years Old with such amazing vocals. Her birthday is not yet known as of today but she was born in 2004.

What Is Call Me Salle Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign?
Salle Magical date of birth is 2004. She is currently 17 Years Old as of 2021.  

What Is Call Me Salle Social Media Handles? 
Salle Magical is very active on all of the social media apps listed below with lots of followers and engagement.

Call Me Salle Instagram? 
After her major promotion came through from several famous Nigerian celebrities on instagram after she was spotted by the road side, Salle has had massive followers and engagements on her instagram handle, with over 214k followers on instagram, she is yet to be verified. Her official instagram handle is @Callmesalle while her back up handle is @Callmesallle.

Call Me Salle Tiktok? 
She is also active on tiktok as Callmesalle.

Call Me Salle Twitter? 
She also found out that there are lots of cloned accounts with her name on Twitter, but she has an official twitter account which she has made public to avoid scam, @Callmesalle.

Salle Facebook? 
For record sake, Salle Magical does not have any official Facebook account but she as an official Facebook page and group. @Callmesalle.

Salle Music Youtube?
Salle Magical has a self titled youtube account which is still striving to grow and get views and followers.

Salle Music Nationality, Country?
With such amazing voice and lyrics, Salle Magical is one of few great talented artists in Nigeria who can be easily mistaken as a foreigner as a result of her smooth melodious voice. Salle originally hails from Owerri, Imo state.  

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What Is Call Me Salle Height And Weight? How Tall Is Salle?*
Salle Magical as she prefers to be called is still a growing teenager and may still increase height but currently she stands tall at a height of 5 ft 8" with possible chances of growing taller. As a teen of such age she is estimated to weigh about 50-60kg at maximum.

What Is Salle Race And Salle Music Ethnicity?
Salle is black skinned and is of African Ethnicity, precisely from Imo state, Nigeria.

Who Is Call Me Salle Family, Parents, Father, Mother?
Information concerning Salle's family, parents and siblings are currently not available, but she has stated that she comes from a very poor family and hopes to be able to take care of them in future.  

Who Is Call Me Salle Boyfriend? Call Me Salle Girlfriend? Salle Married?
Not Available.

Who Is Salle Husband? Salle Ex-Husband? Ex-Boyfriend?
Salle is not married and doesn't have any boyfriend or Ex-Boyfriends.

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Salle Tribe? Salle Tattoos? Does Salle  Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Salle?
Salle is and Igbo girl from Owerri, Imo state. She has no tattoos on her body.

Salle Eye Colour, Hair Colour?
Salle's hair and eye colour is black as of an African.  

Salle Interviews? Salle Surgery? Salle Songs?
Salle Magical is yet to have official interviews from the media but will be free to do that soon. She also said she has written lots of songs and she is ready to push them out now if given the necessary assistance.

What Is Salle Net Worth? Call Me Salle Net Worth In Dollars?
Call Me Salle Net Worth is yet to be estimated as she is currently still under free sponsorship.


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