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               Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Leon Kida Burns
Popular As Kida The Great/Lil Kida 
Gender Male
Age 19 Years Old
Date Of Birth 8 April 2002
Girlfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 7"/65kg+
Profession/Career Dancer/Choreographer
Nationality American
Race/Ethnicity Black/African-American
Religion Christian
Net Worth $2 Million

Kida The Great Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who Is Kida The Great? Kida The Great is an award winning famous American hip hop dancer, choreographer and actor who is currently based in Suisun City, California. He is also known as Lil Kida after his father Kida Black. 
Leon Kida Burns Jr who is professionally known as Kida The Great or Lil Kida from Sacramento, California his birth place, is the sixth child of seven children to his parents and family. They are known to be lovers of dance and they all dance pretty well. Kida The Great was the winner of 2016 season 13 So You Think You Can Dance, SYTYCD, American show winning up to $250,000 at the end. His mentor Fik-shun Stegall said, “He connected it to something real. Everyone watching him felt something. After that, I knew he needed to be on the show so that America could feel that too”.
Kida The Great started dancing at age 4 with his older brother, Shaheem Sanchez, mentoring him, he soon fell in love with dancing. He found special love for “Breakin Dance” and “Step Up” series which led him to start formal dance classes at age 5 special attention on his hip hop dance skill. He later went ahead to join his first hip hop dance crew named “The Art Of Teknique”, which was where he started gaining popularity and eventually went viral.

What Is Kida The Great Age, Kida The Great Birthday? 
Kida The Great also known as Lil Kida The Great is 19 Years Old as of 2021. Kida The Great birthday is on 8 April.

How Old Is Kida The Great? When Is Kida The Great Birthday?
Kida The Great is a teenager of 19 Years Old. His birthday is on April 8.

What Is Kida The Great Date Of Birth And Kida The Great Zodiac Sign?
 Kida The Great was given birth to in Sacramento California on 8 April 2002. His zodiac sign is Aries ♈🐏

What Is 
Kida The Great Social Media Handles? 
Kida The Great whose real name is Leon Kida Burns is very active on social media and has successfully gained a large fan base as a result of social media activities. He gains millions of views and engagements from his fans which also makes him money.

Kida The Great Instagram? 
Since he emerged winner of the American dance show, SYTYCD, So you think you can dance season 13 in 2016, his fan base on instagram has constantly remained on the fast rise. As of September 2021, he had over 4.4m followers on his official instagram account as @kidathegreat.

Kida The Great Tiktok? 
He is also active on tiktok with over a million followers and wide engagement as @kida_thegreat.

Kida The Great Twitter? 

Kida The Great Facebook? 
Kida doesn't have a private facebook amount but runs a self titled Facebook page with over a million likes and followers.

Kida The Great Youtube?
Kida also runs a self titled youtube account with millions of watch hours and subscribers. 

Kida The Great Nationality, Country?  Kida The Great whose real name is Leon Kida Burns is a Black American. He is of American Nationality.

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What Is Kida The Great Height And Kida The Great Weight? How Tall Is Kida The Great?
Although as a teenager, Leon Kida Burns may still be undergoing growth in height, he is currently at a height of 5 ft 7" and weighs approximately 65kg+.

What Is Kida The Great Race And Kida The Great Ethnicity?
Leon Kida Burns also known as Kida The Great is of black race and an African-American ethnicity, both his father and mother were both black Americans.

Who Is Kida The Great Family, Kida The Great Parents, 
Kida The Great was born to his parents Leon Kida Burns Sr and Tanisha Burns. A family of nine, seven children and the two parents.

Kida The Great Siblings?
Kida is the sixth child of seven children by his parents. Below is a compilation of Kida The Great Siblings names and their Instagram handle; 
@Shaheem  his eldest brother name is Shaheem Sanchez Burns.
@misslelemarie   Marie Burns
@thatssokeonna   Keonna Burns
@Vannahfam1st   Savannah Burns
@Paiidquann     Quann Burns
@kidablack.    Leon Kida Burns Sr (Father)

Kida The Great Father, Kida The Great Mother?
Kida The Great mentioned of how he he lost his father, Leon Kida Burns Sr, to flu complications in the year 2004 which gave him more motivation to continue pursuing his dancing career, thereby dedicating his passion and progress to him. In his words, he said; “Everytime I go on that stage that's what I think of. I think of him. And I know he is watching down smiling on me right now. So I dedicate every performance to him.”
Kida The Great Mother, Tanisha Burns, took care of the Kida and other siblings after her husband demise in 2004. She just turned 49 Years Old as of the year 2021.

Who Is Kida The Great Girlfriend? 
Kida The Great Married?
Kida The Great is not married, although he has a girlfriend but her details are kept private.

Who Is Kida The Great Wife? Kida The Great Ex-Wife? Kida The Great Ex-Girlfriend?
Kida The Great has never been married and does not currently have a wife.

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Kida The Great Tribe? Kida The Great Tattoos? Does Kida The Great Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Kida The Great?
 Kida The Great as he is professionally known has tattoos on his hands and other parts of his body.

Kida The Great Eye Colour, Kida The Great Hair Colour?

Kida The Great Interviews? Surgery? Kida The Great Songs?
Kida The Great has had tons of interviews but he doesn't have any song because he is not an artist.

What Is Kida The Great Net Worth? Kida The Great Net Worth In Dollars?
After emerging winner of the season 13 American show, Kida The Great Net Worth has constantly being on the rise. Kida The Great estimated net worth is well over $2 million in dollar as of 2021.


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