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This article by news broadcast blog contains the Biography of Nigeria's musical artist Guchi who is the originator of the song addiction, Jennifer, and the now most trending song Benzema. In this article you will find details concerning Guchi Jennifer Biography, her real name, age, list of songs, rise to fame, origin, Guchi songs download
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Guchi -- American Love and many as listed in the table of content below.

Table Of Content: 
Biography, Origin, Wiki, Real Name, Full Name, Hometown, Gender, Husband, Ex-Husband, Ex-boyfriend, Nationality, Country, Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Date, Of Birth, Family, Son, Sister, Children, Kids, Parents, Religion, Relationship, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Married, Tattoo, Tribe, Profession/Occupation, Education, Profile, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Interview, Surgery, Songs.

Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Onuoha Lydia Ugochi
Popular As Official Guchi
Gender Female
Age 24 Years Old
Date Of Birth 5 November 1997
Boyfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 8"/70kg+
Profession/Career Songwriter/Singer
Nationality Nigerian
State Of Origin Imo State
Religion Christian
Net Worth $300,000

Guchi Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who Is Guchi? Jennifer? Benzema? Guchi is a musician artist, a songwriter and recording artist at PG_Recordsentertainment. 

Guchi as she is famously known in the music industry has written so many hit songs for which she is now being known for and mostly being called by the title of her songs. 

While Guchi happens to be her professional name by which she is famously known and addressed, she is sometimes called by the title of her songs. 

Guchi real name is Onuoha Lydia Ugochi, but she is mostly known by her professional name Official Guchi or just Guchi. 

Guchi as a fast rising Nigerian musician originally hails from Imo State, Nigeria, but was born and raised in Kaduna, Kaduna State, but later moved to Abuja the country's capital city, a Northern state in Nigeria to Mr and Mrs Onuoha, her Parents. She was born on the 5th November 1997 as the second child of the four children of her parents who are also origins of Imo State, a South-eastern part of Nigeria.

Guchi was a student of Edo State University, Ekpoma but later abadoned the school to start up Theatre And Media Arts in the University of lagos after she relocated to Lagos in order to push her music career properly.

Guchi's love for music is inspired by her Dad's musical influence. Growing up, she discovered her Dad's love for Michael Jackson's songs and on joining the choir, decided to start making music. She grew up as the second child with her mother, father and three siblings in Abuja, Guchi started her music career at a very early age from her church's choir. She also attributes her love for music to her Dad's musical influence. According to her, her Dad always was always playing Michael Jackson songs when she was growing up.

Guchi came to limelight after releasing a single titled “Addicted” which was well received by music lovers, and critics alike. The song has so far garnered more than 450,000 views on YouTube. The video which was directed by Matt Max video features star comedian Broda Shaggi.

About her latest song titled Benzema, the award winning musical artist Guchi is the singer of the number trending hit songs Benzema which she just released late September but it has gained over 10 million views across all social platforms.

What Is Guchi Age, Guchi Birthday? 
How Old Is Guchi? When Is Guchi Birthday? Guchi is currently 23 Years Old but she is set to turn 24 Years on her birthday as it is coming up on 5th November, which is towards the year end.

What Is 
Guchi Date Of Birth And Guchi Zodiac Sign?
Guchi whose real name is Onuoha Lydia Ugochi real date of birth is 05 November 1997. As a November born, her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Guchi zodiac sign really tells a lot about her as in their personality, scorpios born of 5th November, are shy and determined individuals with artistic abilities.

What Is 
Guchi Social Media Handles? Instagram? Tiktok? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?
Official Guchi is very active on mostly all social media platforms, after her rise to limelight her instagram followers has increased to over 450k on her official instagram account @officialGuchi.

Guchi Nationality, Country?
Guchi Benzema is a Nigerian. 
Guchi state of origin is Imo State. 

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What Is Guchi Height And Guchi Weight? How Tall Is Guchi? Official Guchi as she is famously known on instagram stands at a height of 5 ft 8" while weighing over 75kg+.

What Is Guchi State Of Origin And Guchi Ethnicity?
The nigerian musical artist and songwriter famously known as official Guchi hails from Imo State Nigeria, a South-eastern part of the country.

Who Is 
Guchi Family, Parents, Father, Mother?
Guchi parents are Mr and Mrs Onuoha. There's no much information provided about them as she loves to keep their details and info private.

Who Is 
Guchi Boyfriend? Guchi Married?
Guchi is not known to be romantically involved with any man or woman yet but is likely she has a boyfriend. Guchi is not married yet.

Who Is 
Guchi Husband? Guchi Ex-Husband? Guchi Ex-Boyfriend?
Official Guchi Benzema is not married yet and does not have a husband yet.

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Guchi Tribe? Guchi Tattoos? Does Guchi Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Guchi No, Guchi does not have any tattoos yet and has not revealed if she is interested in getting any soon.

Guchi is an Igbo girl from South Eastern Nigeria.

Guchi Eye Colour, Hair Colour?*

Guchi Interviews? 

Guchi Songs?
Although Guchi came to the limelight in the year 2019 after the release of one is her hit tracks, she quite a number of songs which may not be popular. Here we will provide a list of her songs.

Here The List Of Guchi Songs: 
Guchi _ Jennifer(2021)
Guchi _ Benzema(2021)
Guchi _ Peri - Peri(2020) 
Guchi _ Closer(2020)
Guchi _ America Love(2020)
Guchi _ Joro(2020)
Guchi _ Hello(2020) 
Guchi _ Beautiful Lady(2018)
Guchi _ Flex(2019) 
Guchi _ Svd(2019) 
Guchi _ Win(2019) 
Guchi _ Calculate
Guchi _ Bad Love (2021) 
Guchi _ Story (2020) 
Guchi _ Bang It
Guchi _ Addicted (2021)
Guchi _ No Be Jazz

What Is 
Guchi Net Worth? Guchi Net Worth In Dollars?
Since Guchi's rise to fame, she has been able to make quite sum of bucks from her singing career. She has an estimated net worth of approximately $400,000 and it's equivalent in naira in cash and asset.


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