Angella Summer Namubiru Biography, Age, TikTok, Origin, Married, Nationality, Net Worth.

A beaut and more is what we have for you here in this article. Meet controversial black beautiful African lady who's making rounds on social media for her exceptional bright dark skin colour. In this article written and published by News Broadcast Blog, we bring you Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok biography, Age, Real Name, Origin, Country, Married, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Baby Name and many more. Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok as she is known was able to gain over 2m followers in less than a month after her video with water went viral. Anything you want to know about Angella Summer Namubiru as she is better known, is all embedded inside this article.

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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Angela Summer Namubiru
Popular As Angella Summer Namubiru TikTok
Gender Female
Age 26 Years Old (2021)
Date Of Birth 03 June 1995
Spouse•Boyfriend Not Available
Height/Weight 5 ft 5"/60kg±
Profession/Career Musician
Nationality Ugandan 
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $100,000

Angela Summer Namubiru Biography And Wiki: Who Is Angela Summer Namubiru? Where Is From? Who Is Her Baby Daddy? Is Angela Summer Namubiru Still Married? 

Angela Summer Namubiru (03 June 1995) is a Ugandan born and raised multiskilled young lady. Angella Summer Namubiru TikTok as she is professionally known is a model, musician, Tiktoker and social media influencer. 

Angela Summer Namubiru first started her social media influencer career in 2019 on her TikTok page where she shared few seconds of her dance and content creation videos. Although she has been in the entertainment industry for a while now, it was just until November 2021 that she gained attention on social media. 

Angela Summer Namubiru content on TikTok was actually quite creative but with less engagement as some people rarely gets across her videos and the few who gets it rarely enjoy. In all this, Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok was spectacular for her exceptional beauty and skin colour which seem to be her major selling point. Unlike every other black skin, Angela's brown black skin was on captivating sight to behold.

In late 2021, November precisely Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok went viral on TikTok in her videos of herself dancing and fetching water, and also doing some trending TikTok challenges. 

Angela Summer Namubiru who is originally from Kampala, Uganda, came into the limelight after several of her videos went viral on TikTok, one of her videos gained over 30m views in less than a week, and she moved from mere 250k followers on TikTok to currently 2.7m followers as of the day of this publication.

Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok most outstanding attribute is her brown dark skin which attracts her lots of attention, as a model her body physique and skin complexion gave her away for perfect modeling. While she didn't really make any impact as a social media influencer.

Angela Summer Namubiru Age: How Old Is Angela Summer Namubiru? She is currently 26 Years Old (2021).

Angela Summer Namubiru Birthday: When Is Angela Summer Namubiru Birthday? On her last birthday celebration which took place on 03 June 2021, she Angella Summer Namubiru marked her 26 Years Old.

Angela Summer Namubiru Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign:
Her date of birth is 03 June 1995.

Angela Summer Namubiru Instagram: With barely a 100k followers on her official instagram page, Angella Summer Namubiru is on instagram as @Angelasummernamubiru.

Angela Summer Namubiru Tiktok: Angela Summer Namubiru became famous from the constant content creation on her official tiktok page @angellasummernamubiru which she started late 2019 with dancing video content, through to 2020, Angella Summer Namubiru started creating more content centered on herself, her skin colour and her country Uganda which is an African country. Fast forward to November 2021, Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok went viral on TikTok for her exceptional skin complexion after participating in one of TikTok challenges, without stress and wasting of time Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok was able to drive a whooping 2.8m+ followers on TikTok in less than a month. She currently has over 63m total views on her TikTok page while still creating more content. She's spectacular for her exceptionally beautiful skin tone which has got many wondering if truly she a real being or a doll. You can follow her on TikTok using the link above which directs you straight to her Tiktok page.

Angela Summer Namubiru Twitter: In her pursuit for content creation and fame as a model, Angella Summer Namubiru is active on virtually all social media platforms not excluding Twitter, she is also active on Twitter @Angela Summer Namubiru. 

Angela Summer Namubiru 
Facebook: She is also active on Facebook and takes out some of her time to do live videos, you may join her in her live videos on Facebook @Angellasummernamubiru.

Angela Summer Namubiru Youtube: She also owns and runs her personal self titled youtube account which has over 10k subscribers and over 2m views and she'll like to get more followers to her self titled account @Angellasummernamubiru.

Angela Summer Namubiru Nationality, Country?
 Angela Summer Namubiru TikTok is from Kampala, Uganda in Africa.

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Angela Summer Namubiru Height: How Tall Is Angela Summer Namubiru? She is about 5 ft 5" tall and 165.1cm and 1.651m in height.

Angela Summer Namubiru Weight: Angella Summer Namubiru as a model weighs about 60kg± as of 2021.

Angela Summer Namubiru Race: She's of a black race from Africa.

Angela Summer Namubiru Ethnicity: She's of African Ethnicity.

Angela Summer Namubiru Family, Parents: About Angela's parents and family, according to her, she maybe an orphan as she said in a video she posted, she shared pictures of two elderly people whom she considered as her parents as she doesn't know who her real parents are or maybe her parents are dead. In the video she shared was a picture of a Ugandan man and woman who she calls parents and takes as parent figure and respects. Her parents name is Mr and Mrs Namubiru.

Angela Summer Namubiru 
Father And Mother: Angela Summer Namubiru father and mother name are Mr and Mrs Namubiru of Uganda.

Angela Summer Namubiru Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: She currently does not have a boyfriend but clearly stated that she likes someone who she is not in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with.

Angela Summer Namubiru Girlfriend: Her sexual orientation is straight, so she does not have any girlfriend and she is not romantically involved with girlfriend.

Angela Summer Namubiru Married: Is Angela Summer Namubiru Married? Yes, while it is still unknown as to whom she is married to, Angela Summer Namubiru is happily married to a man with whom she has a child with but she has been very private with the identity of her family inclusive of her husband and child. She currently has only one child who happens to be a girl of about 3 years old as of 2021. 

Angela Summer Namubiru Husband, Ex-Husband: Is Angela Summer Namubiru divorced? It is still unsure whether Angela is still married to her husband because she doesn't say anything about him any more nor reply questions about him but she has full custody of her daughter.

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Angela Summer Namubiru Tribe: What Tribe Is Angela Summer Namubiru? Ugandan.

Angela Summer Namubiru Tattoos: Does Angela Summer Namubiru Have Tattoos? No, Angela Summer Namubiru does not have any tattoos yet.
Angela Summer Namubiru Eye Colour: 

Angela Summer Namubiru Hair Colour: Angela Summer Namubiru carries a black afro hair as an African.

Angela Summer Namubiru Interviews: 

Angela Summer Namubiru Surgery: 

Angela Summer Namubiru Songs: The list of her songs are coming up soon....

Angela Summer Namubiru Net Worth: 
Angela Summer Namubiru Net Worth In Dollars? Angela Summer Namubiru current net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be approximately  $100,000 in dollars.


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