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The name Erik Huberman has been trending and gone viral on social media after he unveiled world's first Flying Car and his social media page. 

Erik Huberman is an award winning entrepreneur and influencer, known for the honors and awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30, CSQ’s 40 Under 40, Inc. Magazine’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers, The International Business Awards’ Entrepreneur of the Year, and a Telly Award for the Hawke Media commercial he co-wrote and starred in.

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Basic Facts Outline;
Full Name Erik Huberman 
Popular As Erik Huberman CEO
Gender Male
Age 36 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 14 November 1986
Spouse•Girlfriend Erica Curello Huberman
Height/Weight 6 ft 3"/90kg
Profession/Career Entrepreneur/Influencer
Nationality American
Race/Ethnicity White/American
Religion Christian
Net Worth $200,000

Erik Huberman Biography And Wiki: Who Is Erik Huberman? Erik Huberman (born 14 November 1986) is an American award winning influencer and entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Hawke Media. Erik Huberman is a multiskilled professional entrepreneur, writer and public speaker.

Where Is Erik Huberman From?
Erik Huberman CEO of Hawke Media is an American, he was born in Ojai but currently lives in Los Angeles California, USA although he is resident in California but he travels round the country for business.

What Is Erik Huberman Real Name?
The real name of Hawke Media CEO is Erik Huberman. 

Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the highly successful marketing agency known as Your Outsourced CMO® that’s helped grow over 3,000 brands worldwide, and is valued at more than $150 million.

As a pubic speaker, Erik Huberman is an engaging public speaker and storyteller, bringing together an authoritative, witty mix of entrepreneurial advice, personal values, and anecdotes to provide accessible, inclusive business, marketing, and e-commerce advice. He is a well-known writer and thought leader in the marketing and e-commerce spaces. His work appears across top-tier publications like Rolling Stone, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc.. 

As a market influencer, Erik Huberman has successfully attained reputable height. Something fascinating about Erik Huberman is that with the level of success in his business and busy schedule he still creates time for fun. He has been seen in several of his videos on the most popular lip sync app known as TikTok, skating and playing with his family. Erik Huberman is also on TikTok as Erik Huberman, he recently went viral on TikTok for sharing a few seconds where he had the honors on unveiling the world's first Flying Car. His viral video on TikTok which was shared on 02 December 2021, has gained over 67million views and also made him grow from a few hundred followers on TikTok to a whooping 196k followers.

Erik Huberman is on Forbes as 30 Under 30 CEO. In 2013, Erik Huberman founded Hawke Media, a digital marketing firm fit for today's multi-platform world. Working with companies such as Red Bull and Verizon, Hawke Media offers services including influencer marketing and helps celebrities create brands. 

Erik Huberman Age: How Old Is Erik Huberman? Erik Huberman age is currently 35 Years Old, he'll be celebrating his 36th birthday in the year 2022.

Erik Huberman Birthday: When Is Erik Huberman Birthday? Erik Huberman birthday is on the 14 November, he celebrates his birthday every year. This is what Erik Huberman had to say on his last birthday, "Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! On this day I always like to reflect on the past year. This is the first time I look back and can see this was a tough one. My first 34 years were filled with all positive life milestones. Progressing through school, finding the love of my life, buying our home, awards and progressing in my career, and I can honestly say I was ignorant to the inevitability of negative milestones as well. Losing my father changed that and I miss him every day. It’s a feeling that can’t be described unless you’ve been through it. Though it’s the most painful thing I’ve been through, it also has given me a huge amount of gratitude and appreciation in the positives as well. I have a feeling this next year will be a big one."

Erik Huberman Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign: Erik Huberman zodiac sign is Scorpio, as his date of birth is 14 November 1986. 

TikTok@Erik Huberman
Instagram@Erik Huberman
Twitter@Erik Huberman
Facebook@Not Available

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Erik Huberman Height:
How Tall Is Erik Huberman? Erik Huberman is about 6 ft 2" tall from several of his pictures he shared on his social media page. 

Erik Huberman Weight: Erik Huberman body weight is estimated to be about 90kg± being a full grown man at a height of 6 ft 2" tall.

Erik Huberman Race: White

Erik Huberman Ethnicity: American

Erik Huberman Family, Parents:
There's no Mitch information about Erik Huberman family nor his parents other than their names. Erik Huberman is one who is known to be a lover of family and family moments, he has lots of posts on his social media page where he always acknowledges his parents. This below was one of the things he had to say about his dad; "Dad. Aside from the sadness I have felt the past few days, all I have felt is gratitude. I’m so incredible grateful for everything you did for me as my dad.

You created a family and a tribe for me that I absolutely love. A set of characters I feel so fortunate to be a part of.

You were my mentor. It’s your voice I hear in my head to keep pushing, and though you hated hearing it, telling me I did it myself, you made me the man I am today.

You gave me confidence, a bullshit detector, ambition, work ethic, while also reminding me the importance of taking care of those around us, and understanding how lucky we are.

You taught me to live life to it’s fullest, and I can confidently say, I will never party as hard as you did.

Thank you for setting me up to stand on my own, even if I would never want to, and until this week I was never forced to realize what an incredible job you did.

I will forever miss your mentorship, your laughs, your temper, your lessons, my gut-check, your ability to correct me, your bs detector, your thirst for life, our trips, our drives, over ordering dinner with you, hanging in the pool, sharing business war stories with you always reminding me they never stop coming, talking about flying and most importantly, your huge amount of love.

I love you dad."

Erik Huberman 
Father And Mother:  Happy Bernie Day! I had given the day off at my company today because we had agreed that our team should get a day off in August. I picked today because today is your birthday. This was months ago and my plan was to get the day off to spend time with you. It has been 4 weeks since I last got to see you, talk to you, hug you, take a shot with you, laugh with you, argue with you, sit with you, eat with you, and just call you to see how you were doing. I miss you terribly and love you so much. Thank you for the life you gave me and the incredible family and friends you left me with. I hope wherever you are, you are living it up in proper Bernie fashion. To everyone else, I encourage you, if you are fortunate enough to have your parents and have a relationship with them, take the time to call them or see them today. I’m so lucky I got so much time with my dad when I could and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Happy Birthday to my mom! Thank you for always being my unwavering biggest supporter and telling me to always lead with my heart, not to mention you and my wife thankfully love each other. I wish I was there to celebrate with you and everyone and can’t wait to see you.

Erik Huberman  Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: Erik Huberman sexual orientation is straight and he is not sexually or romantically involved with any of his same gender.

Erik Huberman Girlfriend: Just before 2021, Erik Huberman has been in a 6 years old relationship with his long time girlfriend Erica Curello.

Erik Huberman 
Married: Yes, Erik Huberman is currently married to his long time loving and supporting girlfriend, Erica Curello.

Erik Huberman Wife, Ex-Wife:
Erik Huberman Wife is Erica Curello who had a change of name to Erica Curello Huberman. Erik Huberman has no ex-wife as he has never been married to any other woman before Erica Curello.

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Erik Huberman Tribe:  What Tribe Is?

Erik Huberman Tattoos: Does Erik Huberman Have Tattoos? No, Erik Huberman does not have tattoos.
Erik Huberman Eye Colour: 

Erik Huberman Hair Colour: Black

Erik Huberman Interviews: 

Erik Huberman Surgery: None

Erik Huberman Songs: Not Available.

Erik Huberman Net Worth:
Net Worth In Dollars? Erik Huberman net worth is estimated to be approximately $200,000 a of the year 2021. 


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