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Basic Facts Outline;
Full Name Chibuike Promise Obi
Popular As iam Buike Tiktok
Gender Male
Age 22 Years Old(2022)
Date Of Birth 07 March 2000
Girlfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 9"/70kg±
Profession/Career Musical Artist/TikTok Star
Nationality Nigerian
State Of Origin Abia State
Religion Christian
Net Worth $20,000

Iam buike Biography And Wiki: Who Is Iam buike? Where Is Iam buike From?
Chibuike Promise Obi (07 March 2000) is a famous Nigerian Musical artist, TikTok star and an aspiring model professionally known as Buike__x. 

Chibuike Promise Obi is a Nigerian who hails from South-eastern part of Nigeria, he is currently based in Enugu State where he lives with his family but he is originally from Umuobasi Mbala, Isuochi LGA, Abia State.

What Is 
Iam Buike Real Name? Buike is famously known on social media platforms as I Am Buike which he uses as his social media moniker but his music stage name is Buike__x. However, he has become popular with this names but this does not change the fact that his real name is Chibuike Promise Obi.

Buike__x as a musical artist is still an upcoming artist trying his best to bring relevance to the music industry, this is certainly not going to be an easy journey for him. Buike Tiktok has always loved singing and has been working on his talent since childhood, attending several training session and with few videos of himself doing a freestyle to some good beats. 

Buike TikTok as an artist is mostly known for this two singles he released sometime ago, they are, "Nwannem", "My Baby". 

I am Buike as he prefers to be addressed, started his career as a content creator on TikTok while using same platform to promote himself and his music career. In May 2021, Buike TikTok started his content creation career on TikTok just before moving to Instagram and other social platforms and since then it has been like a magic for him or something very easy to build. Within the space of 7 months on the famous lip sync app, Tiktok, Buike has been able to build himself a fan base of over 1.2 million followers on the lip sync app. 

One may ask, How Come So Much Followers In Such A Short Time? Chibuike Promise Obi otherwise known by his professional name Buike__x, was able to gain quick relevance and grow such amount of followers on his Tiktok page after few of his videos went viral on the internet, his videos went viral as a result of his handsome looks and attractiveness. His page drove mostly the female folks to his page because of how handsome they think of him. 

Other than just being handsome, Buike TikTok songs trended on the famous with lots of TikTok influencers using and dancing to his songs, this was his major breakthrough in the industry as a musical artist which also gave him grounds as a TikTok star. 

He currently has over 1.2million followers on TikTok and a few hundred thousand followers on his official instagram page.

In one of Buike's video on his page, he claimed being a son of Famous Nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor professionally known as Mama G, G for General. To address that, there's has been no legal document to prove the claims right as of whether he is a child of Mama G or not because as it is known, Mama G has three biological children and five adopted children all of which Chibuike Promise Obi is not amongst. So Chibuike Promise Obi professionally known as Buike TikTok is not Mama G's biological or adopted son.

Iam buike Age: How Old Is Iam buike? Chibuike Promise Obi is currently 21 Years Old as of 2021. But will soon be celebrating his 22nd birthday in 2022 on birthday.

Iam buike Birthday:
When Is Iam buike Birthday? Chibuike Promise Obi real birthday is 07 March. He will be celebrating his 22 Years Old birthday in 2022.

Iam buike Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign: Chibuike Promise Obi real date of birth is 07 March 2000 and his zodiac sign is Pisces. 

Facebook@Not Available

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Iam buike Height:
How Tall Is Iam buike? Chibuike Promise Obi also known as Buike TikTok is not exactly 6 ft tall but he is quite close to that range. Buike__x stands at a height of 5 ft 9" tall.

Iam buike Weight: He weighs an estimated 75kg.

Iam buike Race: Black

Iam buike Ethnicity: African

Iam buike Family, Parents: Not Available

Iam buike Father And Mother: Not Available

Iam buike  Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: Chibuike Promise Obi aka Buike__x sexual orientation is straight and he is not sexually or romantically involved with anyone of his gender.

Iam buike Girlfriend: Not Available.

Iam buike 
Married: Mr Chibuike Promise Obi is currently not married to anyone as of the time of publication of this article, so he is marital status is single.

Iam buike Husband, Ex-Husband: Not Available

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Iam buike Tribe:  What Tribe Is Iam buike? Buike TikTok is an origin of South-eastern Nigeria, Abia State, hence he is Igbo by tribe.

Iam buike Tattoos: Does Iam buike Have Tattoos? No, Buike TikTok does not have any tattoos on his body yet as of this time but may likely get one soon.
Iam buike Eye Colour: Black.

Iam buike Hair Colour: 

Iam buike Interviews: 

Iam buike Surgery: 

Iam buike Songs: Some of Buike's missy popular songs include; My Baby and Nwannem.

Iam buike Net Worth:
Net Worth In Dollars? Chibuike Promise Obi aka Buike has an estimated net worth of approximately $20,000, his most known source of income is through Tiktok and music.


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