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Basic Facts Outline;

Full NameLittle Mark
Popular AsLilmark_m256
Age21 Years Old (2021)
Date Of Birth03 November 2000
GirlfriendNot Available
Height/Weight5 ft 8"/65kg
Net Worth$100,000

Lilmark_m256 Biography And Wiki: 

Who Is Lilmark_m256? Where Is Lilmark_m256 From? 
Little Mark (born 03 November 2000) professionally known as Lil Mark or Lilmark_m256 TikTok is an California based Floridan dancer who was born and lived in Orlando, Florida United States with his family. 

Lilmark_m256 is a young lad who has just passed through his teenage stage. In his journey of life, Lil Mark is now a famous social media influencer, YouTuber, dancer, content creator, brand ambassador, dance tutor and business entrepreneur. 

Although, his fame came from being a TikToker, dancing and gathering engagement on his page right before he blew out to become famous.

Lilmark_m as he is better known who is a TikTok star gained his fame of over 7.5m followers on TikTok and this led to his large fan base on Instagram, driving him over 1.3 million followers currently as at the time of this publication.

Little Mark who is professionally known as Lilmark_m Dancer, started chasing his dancing career right from his elementary school days at the age of, 8, with nothing but the hope and believe that he would turn out successful in his new found skill as a dancer. 

While he currently lives in California, USA, started dancing at a very early stage of his life without much support, he later went ahead to open his official TikTok account, Lilmark_m256, which is currently active with over 7.5 million followers. In his TikTok account, he was famously known for doing hip-hop dancing and freestyling often featuring popular trap rap and hip-hop music.

What Is Lilmark_m256 Real Name?

Lilmark_m256 TikTok real name is Little Mark. Although this is not his birth name, he does not want to be known by his birth name which is his actual real name. But he preferred to be called Lil Mark. 

Lilmark_m256 Age 

How Old Is Lilmark_m256? 
Lil Mark m TikTok as of 2021, is 21 Years Old, he'll be turning a year older by 2022 on his birthday. 

Lilmark_m256 Birthday 

When Is Lilmark_m256 Birthday?
Lil Mark m TikTok Birthday is on 03 November but is usually celebrated on the 4th November for reasons better known to him. He never misses to celebrate his birthday every year.

Lilmark_m256 Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign 

Lil Mark M256 TikTok aka Lil Mark Dancer date of birth is 03 November 2000 while boss zodiac sign is Scorpio ♏.

YoutubeLil Mark
Facebook@Not Available

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Lilmark_m256 Height 

How Tall Is Lilmark_m256?
Lil Mark Dancer is quite at an average height, he stands tall at a height of 5 ft 8".

Lilmark_m256 Weight 

Although Lil Mark's exact body weight can not be ascertained due to many reasons, his estimated body weight of approximately about 65-70kg±.

Lilmark_m256 Race 

Lil Mark is of black race.

Lilmark_m256 Ethnicity 

He is an African American ethnicity.

Lilmark_m256 Family, Parents 

There is no vital information about Lil Mark's family or parents, Lil Mark prefers his family and personal life to be private and away from the social media.

Lilmark_m256 Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend 

Lil Mark's sexual orientation is straight, he does not have a boyfriend nor Ex-Boyfriend, because he is not and has never been sexually or romantically involved with any one of his same gender. 

Lilmark_m256 Girlfriend 

Although Lil Mark must have been in relationships in the past but up till now there has been no information about his relationships and his current relationship status. Though he is said to be single. 

Lilmark_m256 Married 

Lil Mark is not married.

Lilmark_m256 Wife, Ex-Wife 

Lil Mark does not have any wife at the moment as he is not married and has never been married as of the time of this publication. 

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Lilmark_m256 Tattoos 

Does Lilmark_m256 Have Tattoos?
So far, there has not been any trace oh tattoos on his body, it's unsure he has any tattoos.

Lilmark_m256 Hair Colour 

As a black American, Lil Mark's hair color is black.

Lilmark_m256 Interviews 

Lil Mark has been on several interviews most of which are recorded and saved on YouTube.

Lilmark_m256 Surgery 

Not Available.

Lilmark_m256 Songs 

Not Available.

Lilmark_m256 Net Worth 

Lilmark_m256 Net Worth In Dollars?
Lil Mark's net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be approximately $100,000 in both cash and properties.


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