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In this article we've written is contained the Biography Of Recent A Professionally known and famous Content Creator, Actor and Comedian. 

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Basic Facts Outline;

Full NameMichael Charles
Popular AsOgb Recent
Gender Male
Age25 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth02 September, 1997
GirlfriendNot Available
Weight/Height6 ft 1"/75kg
Profession/CareerActor, Comedian
Net Worth$20,000

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Biography And Wiki 

Who Is Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy)? Where Is Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) From? 

Michael Charles better known as Ogb Recent or Cultist Boy (born 02 September 1997) is professional Nigerian Actor and sensational comedian mostly known for his hilarious contents on social media, He hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria who are known to speak a local tribe called Ijaw.

Ogb Recent kind of comedy is a one-of-a-kind Nigerian comedian who was stimulated to kick-off his comedy brand by Brain Jotter. He is a fantastic Instagram comic, Influencer, and skit/content creator. 

Michael Charles who is professionally known as Ogb Recent or Cultist Boy is a multiskilled Nigerian youth with his special skills as a content creator, actor, comedian, and a social media brand influencer. 

He has been able to achieve quite a lot as an upcoming social media celebrity just after leaving secondary school with hopes of furthering his education. 

While Ogb Recent couldn't further his education due to family or personal reasons, he decided to engage in himself in movie acting which he found out it was not favouring him as he wanted. 

So he decided to emulate his role model, Brain Jotter who is now a popular Comedian in the comedy industry. He started putting out his own comedy skits but with slight modification. 

However, this idea worked almost perfectly for him as in less than a year, Ogb Recent or Cultist Boy was already on the screens of lots of social media users for his funny and evergreen content. 

Ogb Recent who also known as Cultist Boy since he incorporates Cultism inclination and attitude in his jokes and sketches. Although he claims not to be one as he notably added it to his Instagram bio. 

OGB Recent who is also is from Ijaw in Warri Town, Delta State, Nigeria. 

He is a young competent actor and comedian that specializes in creating amusing jokes and comedy videos. Ogb Recent, popularly known as Cultist Boy, is a stand-up comedian.

In the year 2021, Ogb rose to fame as a celebrity. In practically all of his comic skits, he sounds and acts like the legendary brain Jotter. OGB recently gained popularity for employing cultist slangs and the question (U wan Collect)? The slang is usually used when cult gangs or cult organizations are going to forcefully collect something from someone. 

The video that pushed Ogb Recent to stardom is the one in which he entered a motorcycle and threatened to beat up the cyclist if he dared to ask him for money after he got off.

What Is Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Real Name?

Ogb Recent's real name is Michael Charles. 

Over time, he has gained more recognition via his professional brand/name as Cultist Boy or Ogb Recent as coined from his comedy Videos.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Age 

How Old Is Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy)? 

Michael Charles aka Ogb Recent is currently 24 Years Old as of the time of this publication, he will be celebrating his 25th Year Birthday in 2022.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Birthday 

When Is Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Birthday?

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Birthday is on the 2nd is September.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign:

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) date of birth is 2nd September 1997 and his Zodiac Sign is Virgo. 

Youtube Ogb Recent
Facebookogb recents

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Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Height 

How Tall Is Ogb Recent?
Michael Charles better known as Ogb Recent the Cultist Boy stands straight at a height of about 6 ft 1" and it's equivalent in meters and centimeters.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Weight 

Although Ogb Recent (Michael Charles) exact body weight may not be known, but he weighs about 75 -80kg± approximately as at this time of publication. 

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Race 

Michael Charles is of the African black race.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Ethnicity 

He is of African Ethnicity.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Family, Parents 

Furthermore, although Michael Charles can be called a social media celebrity, he does not share or post anything relating to his personal, private or family life on social media because he simply wants it to remain private and it had managed to remain like that for a while pending till he reconsiders. 

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend 

Michael Charles sexual orientation is straight and he does not have a boyfriend as he is strictly into women only. 

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Girlfriend 

Michael Charles aka Ogb Recent or Cultist Boy girlfriend is private, just as he said he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Married 

Michael Charles also known as Ogb Recent or Cultist Boy is not currently married as of 2022.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Husband, Ex-Husband 

Michael Charles aka Ogb Recent does not have a wife yet as he is not married at the moment any other skit showing him with a wife is purely comedy for entertainment purpose only.

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Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Tattoos 

Does Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Have Tattoos?
Michael Charles does not bare any tattoos on his body at the moment.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Hair Colour 


Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Interviews 

Since this rise to stardom, Michael Charles has been in and out of several live TV shows and interview in one of the meetings he cleared the air about the rumor of him being a cultist. He stated clearly that he is not a CULTIST. 

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Surgery 

He has not made it public if he has been through any surgery.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Songs 

Ogb Recent whose real name is Michael Charles is not a musical artist and does not have any song recordings. 

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Net Worth 

Michael Charles professionally known Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) net worth in US Dollars is estimated to be worth approximately $30,000 as of the year 2022.

Ogb Recent (Cultist Boy) Controversies/Rumors 

It was rumored that Ogb Recent is a cultist and that he promotes cultism because he uses a cultism slang(you want collect) in his videos but he has posted it on his Instagram bio that he is not a cultist.

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