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Sam Amadi Biography 

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Sam Amadi Basic Facts Outline;

Full NameSam Amadi
Popular AsDr. Sam Amadi 
Age56 Years Old
Date Of BirthJuly 7 1967
GirlfriendNot Available
Height/Weight5 ft 11"/80kg±
Net Worth$1,300,000

Sam Amadi Biography And Wiki 

Who Is Sam Amadi? Where Is Sam Amadi From?  

Biography of Sam Amadi

Full Biography Of Sam Amadi: Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Sister

Who Is Sam Amadi?

Dr Sam Amadi is a very accomplished person who has held various positions of influence and leadership in Nigeria. He used to be the Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and was a fellow at the Care Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvards Kennedy School of Government.

Sam Amadi Political Career

Before his time at NERC, he was a Special Adviser to the President of the Senate of Nigeria, Director of the Centre for Public Policy and Research in Lagos, Nigeria and Senior Legal Officer at The Human Rights Law Service in Nigeria. He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and has worked as a Senior Counsel at Gani Fawehinmi Chambers and an Associate with Olisa Agbakoba and Associates.

Dr Sam Amadi is also very involved in social and political issues in Nigeria. He was part of the Defence Counsel to Ken Saro-Wiwa, an author and environmentalist who was killed by the Nigerian military. He holds a doctoral degree of law from Harvard and has studied at other prestigious institutions such as the University of Calabar, Nigerian Law School and Harvard Law School.

He has also been involved in various projects and committees such as the lead Consultant for Strategic Engagement with Actors in the South West and Southeast Regions organized by the Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) in October 2017. He was also the Chairman of the Senate Technical Committee on Review of Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Bill in February 2017 and Chairman of the Senate Technical Committee on Review of Transportation Sector Reform Bill from March to June 2017.

Sam Amadi Family

Dr Sam Amadi is happily married with children and is a fellow of the Society of Project Management and Development Professionals International, serving as a Member of Advisory Board.  

Sam Amadi Real Full Name?

His real name is Sam Amadi.

How is old is Sam Amadi?

He is around 56 years old. He was born on the July 7, 1967.

Where is Sam Amadi from?

He is from Imo State in Nigeria.

What is Sam Amadi Ethnicity? 

He is an Igbo Man from Imo state. 

Is Sam Amadi Married?

Yes, Sam Amadi is married to Mrs. Amadi.

Sam Amadi Family?

Sam Amadi has siblings and is married with kids.

Who is Sam Amadi Parents?

They are Mr. and Mrs. Amadi.

What is Sam Amadi Net Worth?

He is estimated to be worth over a 700 million naira.

What is Sam Amadi Height?

He is 5.0 feet tall.

Sam Amadi WhatsApp No.

His WhatsApp no is unknown. You can reach him on his handles at Sam Amadi both on Instagram and Twitter.

Sam Amadi Net Worth

Sam Amadi is estimated to be worth about N700 million.

Sam Amadi Religion:

Is Sam Amadi a Muslim or Christian? Sam Amadi was raised in a Christian household in Owerri, Nigeria. 

Sam Amadi Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings:

Sam Amadi's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amadi.

Sam Amadi Siblings:

Sam Amadi has other siblings, brothers, and sisters.

Sam Amadi Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures:

Is Sam Amadi married? Sam Amadi is married with kids.

Sam Amadi Wife:

Who is Sam Amadi Wife, name, pictures? Sam Amadi is married to Mrs Amadi.

Sam Amadi Girlfriend, Relationship, Dating:

Who Is Sam Amadi Girlfriend, name, Pictures?

Sam Amadi Children, Child: 

Does Sam Amadi have a child? Yes; Sam Amadi does have Children.

Sam Amadi Engagement, Engaged, Fiancé:

Is Sam Amadi engaged? Sam Amadi is currently in a marriage.

Sam Amadi House and Cars:

Sam Amadi's residence and automobile collection are in Abuja Nigeria.

Sam Amadi Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp:

Sam Amadi's phone Number is unavailable.

Sam Amadi Instagram:

Sam Amadi Instagram handle is Sam Amadi

Sam Amadi Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign 


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Sam Amadi Height 

How Tall Is Sam Amadi?

Sam Amadi Weight 

Sam Amadi Race 

Sam Amadi Ethnicity 

Sam Amadi Family, Parents 

Sam Amadi Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend 

Sam Amadi Girlfriend 

Sam Amadi Married 

Sam Amadi Husband, Ex-Husband 

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Sam Amadi Tattoos 

Does Sam Amadi Have Tattoos?

Sam Amadi Hair Colour 

Sam Amadi Interviews 

Sam Amadi Surgery 

Sam Amadi Songs 

Sam Amadi Net Worth 

What is Sam Amadi Net Worth In Dollars?

Sam Amadi Controversies/Rumors 

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