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Angel BBNaija Biography 

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Angel BBNaija Basic Facts Outline;

Full NameAngel Agnes Smith
Popular AsAngel BBNaija 
Age23 Years Old
Date Of BirthFebruary 13th, 2000
BoyfriendNot Available
Height/Weight5 ft 11"/80kg±
Profession/CareerCelebrity, Actress
Net Worth$400,000

Angel BBNaija Biography And Wiki 

Who Is Angel BBNaija? Where Is Angel BBNaija From?  

Biography of Angel BBNaija

Full Biography Of Angel BBNaija: Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Sister

Who Is Angel BBNaija?

Who is Angel BBNaija?

Angel BBNaija Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Real Name, Wife, Children, Instagram, Parents, Girlfriend

Angel BBNaija Biography and Wiki

Full Name: Angel Agnes Smith


Date of Birth: February 13th, 2000


Age: 23 years old


State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State


Nationality: Nigerian


Religion: Christian


Marital Status: Single


Profession: Poet, Writer, Entertainer


Net Worth: $400,000


Angel BBNaija Age and Real Name

Angel Agnes Smith, also known as "John-Bavariash," was born on 13 February 2000 to London-based parents. She hails from the Efik tribe in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, located in the South-South region.


Angel BBNaija Educational Background and Schools Attended

During her formative years, Angel spent a significant portion of her childhood and teenage life in Lagos State. For her secondary education, she attended Marywood Girls College, a private school, in Lagos. However, her time at the University of Lagos was short-lived as she dropped out after merely two weeks, attending no lectures, and all without her parents' consent. Notably, her mother, too, attempted studies at British Lighthouse Foundation College but discontinued her studies.


Angel stands as a dark-skinned woman, measuring 5'6" in height. She adorns herself with eleven tattoos, including a red dragon, along with two nipple piercings and a nose piercing. Her hobbies encompass writing poetry, indulging in movies, and cherishing sleep. Additionally, she proudly identifies as a feminist.

Angel BBNaija Career and Source of Wealth

In her career, Angel excels as a writer, poet, and content creator. Her affinity for writing blossomed at the age of 14, serving as an outlet to cope with mental challenges, including depression, which she encountered during her teenage years. She found herself drawn to self-harm at the age of 14 due to these struggles.


Harnessing her talent, Angel dedicated herself to honing her writing skills, with a particular focus on poetry and storytelling. This allowed her to craft captivating narratives with an emphasis on rhythmic language and imaginative storytelling.


Angel's passion for storytelling extends beyond writing, prompting her to explore the realms of writing and producing movies. To further her creative endeavors, she sought freelancing opportunities, eventually securing writing gigs that have become her primary source of income.


As a writer, Angel boasts several published books and poetic pieces available both in her name and online. Her compelling works have amassed a dedicated readership, with audiences actively reacting and commenting on her creations shared through social media and various websites.


Participating in the sixth season of Big Brother Naija, titled "Shine Ya Eye," Angel entered the house as the first female contestant on day two. Her debut caused quite a sensation, as she trended on social media for her unique fashion choice during the show's premiere. Angel's bold and unconventional attire, revealing her saggy breasts, caught the attention of viewers, adding to her intrigue. She also proudly showcased her collection of eleven tattoos and three piercings during her grand entrance.


In the Big Brother Naija house, Angel maintained a jovial demeanor with her fellow contestants but earned a reputation for her intolerance of perceived deception. She staunchly defended her private space, demanding respect from her fellow housemates.


Throughout the show, Angel's captivating beauty and charming nature attracted the attention of male housemates. Sammie was the first on her list of admirers, attempting to woo her in the early weeks, though she later distanced herself from him due to his persistent advances.


Yousef showed interest in her during the middle of the show, pursuing her with subtlety but ultimately leaving the house without succeeding in winning her affection.


The most significant connection in the house for Angel was with Cross. They shared a symbiotic bond, genuinely liking and connecting with each other. Although Cross initially showed interest, he stepped back when Sammie pursued Angel. Nevertheless, they grew closer during the show, engaging in deep conversations about life inside and outside the house. However, as the show neared its end, Angel maintained distance from Cross to avoid emotional attachment.


Angel's stay in the house was marked by her temperamental nature, leading to various altercations with fellow housemates. Her major arguments involved confrontations with Sammie, Boma, and Angel. Despite the challenges, she survived eviction in the final elimination week, securing a spot in the show's finale.


Ultimately, Angel finished as the fourth runner-up (fifth position) on the show, having won tasks at both individual and collective levels during her time in the house, some of which came with cash prizes.


Angel BBNaija Family

Regarding her family, Angel was born to London-based parents in the year 2000. Her father, Baron Meyagy, works as an entertainment event manager, while her mother, Titilala Brownsugar, is of half-Ghanaian and half-Nigerian descent. It is worth noting that Angel's parents are not currently married.


Angel BBNaija Lifestyle

In terms of her peronal life, Angel shared the tragic loss of her boyfriend in 2019, which profoundly impacted her emotional and mental well-being. She expressed her unwillingness to commit to a serious relationship until she fully recovers from the grief of losing her late boyfriend.


Angel BBNaija Husband and Children

During the BBNaija Reunion aired in June 2022, Angel revealed being in a relationship with a man but declined to disclose his identity. We don't have information on the internet about the identity of her current boyfriend or if she have had kids.


Angel BBNaija Houses and Cars

Little is known about Angel's cars and houses. A celebrity of her caliber might have a car and also a house


Angel BBNaija Residential Address

She is believed to be residing in the Lekki area of Lagos State, Nigeria


Angel BBNaija Tribe and Religion

She is an Ibibio by tribe from a town in AkwaIbom State


Angel BBNaija State of Origin

She is proudly an Indigene of AkwaIbom State in the south-south Geopolitical region of Nigeria.


Angel BBNaija Phone Number And WhatsApp Number

Angel phone numbers and WhatsApp Number is unknown to the public, for business and other related discussions you might want to discuss with her, contact her by direct message through her Instagram and Twitter pages


Angel BBNaija Social Media Handles

Angel is very active on social media, as she have close to a million followers on her Instagram page, you can search for her and follow her


What is Angel BBNaija Net Worth in Dollars or Naira?

As for Angel's net worth, concrete details are not publicly disclosed due to former housemates' privacy concerns. She is estimated to worth over $400,000 (N400 Million naira). However, her endorsement and modeling deals after leaving the BBNaija house have likely contributed to her financial success.

Angel BBNaija Net Worth

According to some reports, Angel BBNaija's net worth is more than 400,000 USD. 

Where is Angel BBNaija From?

She is from Akwaibom State, Nigeria. 

Angel BBNaija Religion?

She is a Christian

Angel BBNaija Net Worth Today

Angel BBNaija is estimated to be worth about $400,000.

Angel BBNaija Religion:

Is Angel BBNaija a Muslim or Christian? Angel BBNaija was raised in a Christian household in Akwaibom State. 

Angel BBNaija Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings:

Angel BBNaija's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Angel BBNaija Siblings:

Angel BBNaija has other siblings, brothers, and sisters.

Angel BBNaija Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures:

Is Angel BBNaija married? Angel BBNaija is currently single.

Angel BBNaija Husband:

Who is Angel BBNaija Husband, name, pictures? Angel BBNaija is not married

Angel BBNaija Boyfriend: Who is Angel BBNaija Dating?

Who Is Angel BBNaija boyfriend, name, Pictures, Videos?

Angel BBNaija Sugar Daddy: Who is Angel BBNaija Dating?

Who Is Angel BBNaija Sugar Daddy, name, Pictures, Videos? 

Angel BBNaija Girlfriend, Relationship, Dating:

Who Is Angel BBNaija Girlfriend, name, Pictures?

Angel BBNaija Children, Child: 

Does Angel BBNaija have a child? Angel BBNaija doesnt have children yet.

Angel BBNaija Engagement, Engaged, Fiancé:

Is Angel BBNaija engaged? Angel BBNaija is currently in a committed relationship but not engaged.

Angel BBNaija House and Cars:

Angel BBNaija's residence and automobile collection are in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and Akwaibom State.

Angel BBNaija Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp:

Angel BBNaija's phone Number is unavailable.

Angel BBNaija Instagram:

Angel BBNaija Instagram handle is Angel BBNaija

Angel BBNaija Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign 


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