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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Video shows man walking calmly to an ambulance with a knife stuck in his skull

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Newsbroadcastnaija: A Chinese man was rushed to the hospital after he was stabbed on his head with a folding knife during a brawl.


Viral video shows the unidentified man covered in blood and
calmly walking to an ambulance while the knife is stuck in the back of his skull in south-western Chinese city Chongqing. 

The shocking incident allegedly occurred on Saturday in Chongqing’s Fuling district.


According to Chinese media, the man is believed to have
been recovering after undergoing an operation to remove the weapon. 

In a statement to China Youth News, Fuling authorities confirmed that the man was attacked during a brawl and that an investigation for the case is underway. 

Watch Video Here: 

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Twitter Has Temporarily Blocked ALL Verified Accounts From Tweeting Amidst Massive Hack Of Prominent Accounts By Bitcoin Scammers.

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Twitter has temporally blocked ALL Verified Accounts from Tweeting amidst massive hack of

prominent accounts by Bitcoin scammers.
Twitter is investigating and working on fixing the issue while this Bitcoin Hack is taking over!!!


itList of Accounts hacked by Bitcoin scammers:

- Bill Gates

- Elon Musk
- Joe Biden
- Warren Buffett
- Kanye West

- Michael Bloomberg
- Apple
- Uber
- Jeff Bezos
- Barack Obama

So far about $7.8 have been scammed from over 5300 victims.

Over $110,000 has been sent to Bitcoin scammers hacking prominent Twitter accounts .

Transactions from over 300 people and Not 5.300 as earlier tweeted.

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Man Athlete Falls On His Belly While Running, See Why He Fell!!!

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Here's a viral video trending online, of an African athlete Chris

Jones is seen in this video that seemed to be an old video as he was running on the run

way and obviously his pants could not contain his dick as described in the

video, it had to pop out of his pants while he was still on the run path without even getting

to the finish line, he hurriedly threw himself to the ground in a bid to hide his shame, but

while he stood up it fell out again
this time he proudly carried pulled and pushed it back

into his pants while the spectators
shouted and walked to his seat.

Watch Video Here:

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mike Ezuruonye React To Faulty ATM Machine Spraying Hard Currency Uncontrollably

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Nigerian actor, Mike Ezuruonye, reacts to viral video of a
faulty ATM machine spotted dispensing foreign

currency uncontrollably.
He said, “When The ATM Machine Gets High On Currency”.

The ATM machine was spotted spraying this money uncontrollably that it covered the place.

There's something wrong in this video because this was happening yet there was no

one rushing the money or even people recording this moment cared less about going

to grab the money while it wasted, they just stood and watched.

Watch Video Here:

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Andy Ruiz Jr. Explains He Helped A Stranger Push His Car Out Of The Road

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Andy Ruiz Jr. Explains He Helped A Stranger Push His Car Out Of The Road


Andrés Ponce Ruiz Jr. a Mexican-American professional boxer (born September 11, 1989),

also known as Andy Ruiz Jr., who in June 2019, scored a major upset by defeating Anthony Joshua to win the WBA (Super), IBF,

WBO and IBO heavyweight titles. In doing so, Ruiz became the first boxer of Mexican heritage to become a world heavyweight champion.

In this video online Andy Ruiz Jr. explains how he Helped a Stranger in Pushing His Broken Down Car out of the Middle Of The

Road as he seemed stranded and older unable to get the car out of the road alone, so he had to help the older man.

Watch Video Below:

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Friday, November 1, 2019

American Artist, Blueface, Signs Autograph On US Dollar And Ladies Backside

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An American artist, rapper and songwriter,  Johnathan Michael Porter born January 20, 1997, popularly known by his stage name

Blueface, after a show decided to sign his autograph on whatever materials his fans

bring, this particular video has caught attention of many as he signs autograph on a

lady's backside, the lady took down her pants and watch him sign on it, while another fan

with disregard to American currency brought out a $100 note to get Blueface's autograph on

it, and he signed it.

Watch Video Below:

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