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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Church Boy Caught Watching Twerk Video Of Slayqueen In Church On His Phone

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Uncoordinated young
lad who has obviously lost his fear of God and

had little or no moral upbringing decided to open his phone and moved over to whatsapp,

while he was in church and service was
going on and got trapped in a whatsapp video of a

slay queen whose body was barely
covered as she was seductively twerking.


This young dude didn't respect the fact he was in church rather he took his phone by his

right hand and placed it on his Johnthomas and continued watching.

Watch Video Here:

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Water Baptism Gone Wrong Lady Fights With Clergy Man Baptising Her In Water

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Here's a video showing as water baptism goes wrong, two girl undergoing baptism by a 
clergyman in a river, he immersed her into the water for longer than she could take while
she tried getting up he pressed her down, she forcefully got up and launched a punch at the
clergy's face, and pushed him into the water beating him. While the other lady fought and
resisted being immersed inside the water.
Watch Video Below:

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Paul Enenche's Testimony That Got Nigerians Talking-Wale Gates Ridicules Him

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Here's a video of Pastor Paul Enenche of the dunamics church as he shared a controversial testimony in church, this testimony has got Nigerians talking and got a twitter user, Wale Gates, to ridicule him online.

The first testimony was about a man(Son to the leader(woman) of welfare unit) who was by Fulani herdsmen, who attempted to kill him alongside others that were captured, on his way out. But all attempt by these men to kill them proved abortive....... more.

The second testimony was about a member(lady)  who was kidnapped by unknown men and taken for execution, the lady who was in Benin, Edo State where she was kidnapped, was miraculously teleported from her place of captive to Lagos, at an army checkpoint precisely, who took her in for questioning for 24hrs and later took her home.

The Pastor said all this testimonies were all shared in church.
Wale Gates in ridicule of him said;
“This is the most amazing story you will today...
Totally True
Totally Happened
Totally Believable
Totally Credible

Who are you to doubt this wonderful story?
You mean herdsmen with 15 AK$7 guns (how did you know?) tried to shoot, their 15 guns didnt fire & the machete carrying sadistic barbaric murdering lunatics chop everyone to bits? Wow.
U mean a murderer came to visit u in sch & u didnt japa to call people? Wow
Totally true story.

Story no.2 was even more AMAZING.
You mean  Nigerian army saw a randomly teleported lady next to them and didn't JAPA? Wow”.

Watch Video Below:
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Pastor With The Magic Suit During Service Doing His Thing

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

False Prophet Melody Who Arranges Miracle Has Been Released-Crowd Rejoice

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Crowd Jubilating at the release of Prophet Melody who confessed to being a false prophet and arranging miracles. Daddy Freeze Reacts As Many Jubilates After Fake prophet Who Stage False Miracle Released.
“Blattodean brained dingbats Jubilating at the release of Prophet Melody who confessed to being a false prophet and arranging miracles” - Daddy Freeze Reacts. Many stormed the street to jubilate after the released of Warri-based Pastor identified as prophet melody Adjija who was arrested alongside an accomplice for staging miracles.
The Founder and General Overseer of Light Way Ministries (A.K.A The Last Bus-Stop) in his confession in police custody, admitted paying people N5,000 to fake miracles in his church located at Enerhen Road in Dolphin Micro-Finance Bank Warri, Delta State.
  1. Watch Video Below:
See Reactions Below:
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Bang Bang With Jesus - Mayorkun Reacts To Claims Of Jesus In Kenya

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Mayorkun reacts to the controversial video online about Jesus in Kenya when, “A Kenyan pastor invited a man that looks like Jesus Christ to visit and preach in her church at Karibuni hapa WRC HQ.
The man also visited the pastor's family after preaching in the church.Rozzy Njeri said she thanked God for the favour after the man visited her family”.
After seeing this video, Nigerian artist Popularly known as Mayorkun couldn't hold back  he has this to say.
Watch Video Of Jesus In Kenya Below:

Watch Mayorkun's Reaction Video Below:
See Reactions below:
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