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Friday, January 10, 2020

Old Man Caught With A Cockerel In A Hidden Corner

4:52 PM 0

This is a censored video

of a horny Old man with obviously a little dick

making out with a chicken in a hidden corner

while preventing the chicken from moaning

as he holds it's neck tightly and penetrated it

Watch Video Below:

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Man Caught Appreciating A Lady In Standing Ovation At A Party

8:38 AM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: Here's a viral video that has been
making rounds online for over days

now as a man is caught on camera at a
party with a lady who
seemed to be his lover in a

compromising position.
In this video, this
man was being recorded

unknown to him while he was carried away by the pleasure
of what he was doing do his

lover in a standing ovation.
He is standing just on
a spot with this lady just

when he happened to raise up her mini skirt with his
right hand dipping it through her

underwear and pleasured her while she
held him so close and
tries to hide her moaning

sounding but was unable to do so.

Watch Video Below:

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sexy Lady Sets Her Body On Fire While Dancing As Man Stops The Fire With His Hand

11:24 AM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: Street dancer sets
her pussy ablaze as she dances to impress her

viewers on the street as she playfully
sits on fire on the floor, unplanned, her pants

happens catch the fire she sat on, she
yells for help as a man watching her rushed her and

used his hands to quench the raving fire right on her pussy and she was finally rescued.

Watch Video Here:

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Married Woman Embarrasses Husband’s Side Chick At Ikeja Mall

10:15 AM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: Nigerian woman spotted at ikeja mall in Lagos as she attacks her

husband's side chick in the mall, who happens to be a young sexy lady. She fought her

husband's chick like a hero pulled her wig tearing off her cloth at the mall!!!

Watch Video Below:

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Mongoose Snatches An Unidentified Snake Out Of A Tree.

4:40 AM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: Mongooses (mongeese?) are venomous snake specialists, they depend

on their speed and agility, their aim being to crack the skull of the danger noodle and

neutralize the threat quickly.

They are bitten occasionally; however, they possess a glycoprotein that binds to the

proteins in snake venom, deactivating them and making them harmless.

Watch Video Below:

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mike Ezuruonye React To Faulty ATM Machine Spraying Hard Currency Uncontrollably

6:43 PM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: Nigerian actor, Mike Ezuruonye, reacts to viral video of a
faulty ATM machine spotted dispensing foreign

currency uncontrollably.
He said, “When The ATM Machine Gets High On Currency”.

The ATM machine was spotted spraying this money uncontrollably that it covered the place.

There's something wrong in this video because this was happening yet there was no

one rushing the money or even people recording this moment cared less about going

to grab the money while it wasted, they just stood and watched.

Watch Video Here:

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