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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Lady Celebrates Birthday In Grand Style With Weird Cake

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Hurray pretty lady celebrates her birthday in grand style with her craziest friends. This lady seen in her

wonderful dress receives a surprise weird looking cake, to her surprise, her friends gifts her this cake designed with a dick right

on top of the cake, they went ahead to remind her to stick to one dick forever, it read, “Same Penis Forever”  as p painted on
the wall behind her.

While she's still in shock her friends had her carry the cake and suck it like the way

she'd suck her man. The way and manner she sucked the dick reveals she is a Professional.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Lady Professes Her Love For Bbn Housemate While Watching TV Series With Her Friends

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Newsbroadcastnaija: On the trending TV series big brother Naija an unidentified hot female fan who couldn't control her

feelings for a particular bbn housemate, is seen sexually harassing the young man while he was having a conversation with

his fellow housemate, she was seen pressing his yansh and sucking his lips while showing off cleavage of her

captivating breasts to him, she was shocked beyond words when he suddenly said “I

will open my yansh”. 

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Swimming Goes Wrong As Lady Is Clustered By Men In The Pool

12:51 PM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: Just after the ease on the kicks lock down a video has surfaced online days later where people are seen at a

swimming in a hotel. This viral video reveals the moment these youngsters at a pool party clustered a girl in the pool

squeezing her and sexually assaulting her by pressing her breast while she screams on top of her voice but then there was no

one to help her. She cried for help but there was no one to help and she couldn't get away either as she was totally surrounded

by this mentally derailed boys.

See what she did to save her self from the

assault here.

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Burna Boy's Look Alike Spotted In Foreign Country Goes Viral For Cross Dressing

9:19 AM 0

Newsbroadcastnaija: In a viral video that surfaced online hours ago,  this viral video trending online reveals a man who happens

to be the exact look alike of a Nigerian celebrity Burna Boy is spotted in a hairdressing saloon with surprising outfit.

In details, this man who's name is currently

known withdrawn was spotted in a saloon. While he seemed to work at the saloon there was something distinguishing about him, it so happened to be that this Burna

Boy's look alike who was spotted in a foreign country does not just work in a female saloon but is also a cross dresser.
He has been making rounds online for his

saggy enormous breast and his weird looking hips while his dress revealed his laps one gets to see how dirty it is.
He was also made to mimick a lady's

walking step which he executed well.

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Lady Recounts How She Got Dumped By Lover Over Minor Issue

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Newsbroadcastnaija: Heartbroken lady recounts her disappointment in relationship as she gets dumped by lover

over phone sex. She's seen in this video crying profusely and laughing as well as she finds it funny too.

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Nigerian Adult Film Star, KingTblak Attacked By Cultist For Taking Girlfriend

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Viewers Discretion Is Advised!!!

Newsbroadcastnaija: In a viral footage making rounds online, a Nigerian porn star actor known as KingTblak surfaced online. During mid hours of yesterday, there

surfaced a graphic video showing when the popularly known Nigerian porn star KingTblak hoc was attacked by suspected
cultist known as Ayes men, men for allegedly sleeping with someone's girlfriend, it was not stated whether this was for the purpose of revenge but from the video it was
made clear that he was brutally beaten up by this cultist in broad daylight.

It was said that they traced him to his hotel room where he was dragged out, and giving the beating of his life, leaving
permanent marks and injuries on his body.

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