Twitter Has Temporarily Blocked ALL Verified Accounts From Tweeting Amidst Massive Hack Of Prominent Accounts By Bitcoin Scammers.

Newsbroadcastnaija: Twitter has temporally blocked ALL Verified Accounts from Tweeting amidst massive hack of

prominent accounts by Bitcoin scammers.
Twitter is investigating and working on fixing the issue while this Bitcoin Hack is taking over!!!


itList of Accounts hacked by Bitcoin scammers:

- Bill Gates

- Elon Musk
- Joe Biden
- Warren Buffett
- Kanye West

- Michael Bloomberg
- Apple
- Uber
- Jeff Bezos
- Barack Obama

So far about $7.8 have been scammed from over 5300 victims.

Over $110,000 has been sent to Bitcoin scammers hacking prominent Twitter accounts .

Transactions from over 300 people and Not 5.300 as earlier tweeted.

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