Lady In Tears After Taking Excess Of Hard Drugs, Colorado, Rolls Herself In Dirty Water

Newsbroadcastnaija: The campaign against hard drugs which is now must common among the youths seems not to be effective

in stopping it's consumption despite the dangerous risks it poses to life, instead the

consumption seems to be getting to an uncontrollable stage.

Here's a video of a sexy and good looking

Nigerian Lady under the influence of hard drugs, according to the information contained in this video and from witness

this lady in a bid to win this competition of who will take more quantity and be okay,
unfortunately the young lady's head

couldn't carry the quantity of drugs she took in and she is currently facing the
repercussion. In this video the who almost

got herself completely naked before people gathered in this almost naked state this lady is seen rolling in dirty water half naked.

Watch Video Here: 

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