Vile Racist Lady Goes Wild Destroys Properties And Lays False Accusation

Newsbroadcastnaija: Here's a footage of a vile racist lady who went gaga at a Scottish

takeaway. According to the report, this lady who is believed to might have taken a bit

too much of alcohol, and couldn't control herself. This lady walked in to place, got her

orders but was a bit a bit unsatisfied with the customer service, she starts yelling

requesting that the police be called, but this was not the main problem, this lady was

drunk all efforts made to calm her down proved abortive as went wild she destroyed

properties of this vendor and cover up for her mess she tore her own cloth on her
body accusing the man of raping her, You Raped Me, she said, unknown to her the

whole scene was being recorded. She tore her cloth brought out her breast and kept

on saying you raped.

Watch Video Below: 

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