Ghanaian Lady Gets Her Best Friend Pants Down With Her Husband After Set Up

Newsbroadcastnaija: Ghanaian wife reveals how she has always suspected her husband of cheating on her with her best friend unknowingly to her it was actually her Best friend who was hitting on her husband,

here's how it went down. 
So her husband decided to set up his wife's best friend to prove to his wife that her friend is after him. 
In the video below, her husband sets up his wife's friend in a room just as she was

undressed and ready to get down to business, just as planned his wife comes out from hiding to behold get best friend naked and was just ready to take on her husband. 
The young lady, Nafisa, who has been sexually harassing her best friend's husband was in bed naked, unable to deny the

accusation she admits she has been the one harassing the husband and she is sorry for what she did.

Watch Video Below:

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