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Quick Facts Checks; 

Full Names: Mr Jason Ambrose
Popular As: Cubana WhiteLion
Gender: Male
Age: 35 Years Old
Date Of Birth: 16/05/1985
Spouse: Not Married
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Height/Weight: 5 ft 7"/85kg
Net Worth: $100,000
Occupation/Profession: Business/Brand Ambassador
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: No
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Cubana WhiteLion Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name: 

Cubana WhiteLion of the Cubana group, owned by Obi Cubanna of Oba Anambra State. Cubana Whitelion whose real name is Mr. Jason Ambrose is a successful business from the eastern part of Nigeria. Cubana Whitelion is a brand ambassador/influencer and night life enthusiast and is a member of the Cubana group, he is currently the manager of Pablo Cubana located at 17 Adeola Odeku St Victoria Island Lagos and utec green wine world also known as Champagne Vollereaux NG on instagram. Cubana Whitelion is just one if the numerous men Obi Cubanna has lived out of puberty and given a good and luxurious life without asking for anything.
Cubana Whitelion is a living testimony of Obi Cubanna good deed, he continuously recount of how Obi Cubanna has brought him out of suffering in Aba, Abia State. Cubana Whitelion does not fall to recount of the Obi Cubana deeds in most of his social media posts.

Cubana Whitelion With Cubana Prime Minister And Friend

Cubana Whitelion With Cubana Chief Priest

What Is Cubana WhiteLion Age, Cubana WhiteLion Birthday? How Old Is Cubana WhiteLion? When Is Cubana WhiteLion Birthday?

Cubana Whitelion also known as Mr Jason celebrates his birthday on every 16th day of May. Cubana Whitelion is currently 35 Years Old as of 2021. 

WhiteLion And His Sister Nora

Nora on her birthday

What Is Cubana WhiteLion Date Of Birth And Cubana WhiteLion Zodiac Sign? 

Cubana Whitelion date of birth is 16 May 1985, making him 35 Years Old by 2021. Cubana Whitelion Zodiac Sign is Taurus, As a Taurus born on May 16th, you have an altruistic but pragmatic personality. You enjoy helping others but also want to make an im

Cubana Whitelion Zodiac Sign

pact on their lives and teach them something.
 This is why you tend to read a lot and be as knowledgeable as possible. You are a loyal lover and deep inside you have always dreamed of a big family. 

What Is Cubana WhiteLion Social Media Handles? Cubana WhiteLion Instagram? Cubana WhiteLion Tiktok? Cubana WhiteLion Twitter? Cubana WhiteLion Facebook? Cubana WhiteLion Youtube? 

Cubana Whitelion has been actively involved in social media for a while now, on his Instagram account he has over 127k followers on his official personal Instagram handle @Cubana_whitelion. While he doesn't have any tiktok out youtube account, he is also actively involved in Twitter as @cubana_wyt_lion and also on Facebook as Cubana WhiteLion.

Cubana WhiteLion Nationality, Cubana WhiteLion Country?

Mr Jason Ambrose also known as Cubana WhiteLion is a Nigerian precisely from the eastern part of Nigeria. While he is yet to make his state of origin known to the public, Cubana WhiteLion is either from Imo state or from Abia State most likely.

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What Is Cubana WhiteLion Height And Weight? How Tall Is Cubana WhiteLion?

Cubana Whitelion (Mr Jason Ambrose) stands tall at a height of 5 ft 7" while he weighs between 85-90kg. 

What Is Cubana WhiteLion Race And Cubana WhiteLion Ethnicity?

Cubana Whitelion is of a black race and of an African Ethnicity precisely from Nigeria.

Who Is Cubana WhiteLion Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

Cubana Whitelion doesn't like to talk about his family or is members, he keeps them very far from social media. But he is particularly very fond of his younger and only sister Nora Ambrose as he explains that she has stood by him for a long time. 

Who Is Cubana WhiteLion Boyfriend? Cubana WhiteLion Girlfriend? Cubana Married?

Cubana Whitelion doesn't have any boyfriend, he is not gay and he is not romantically or sexually involved with any boy. While he makes it very clear, he hasn't found the love of his life, but he has a girlfriend whom he keeps away from the media as well to avoid sabotaging their relationship.

Who Is Cubana WhiteLion Husband? Cubana WhiteLion Ex-Husband? Cubana WhiteLion Ex-Boyfriend? 

This question is invalid. Cubana Whitelion has never been married and he has never been gay.

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Cubana WhiteLion Tribe? Cubana WhiteLion Tattoos? Does Cubana WhiteLion Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Cubana WhiteLion? 

Cubana Whitelion is a typical Nigerian Igbo man by tribe from the eastern Nigeria. Cubana Whitelion does not have any tattoos on his body yet but still likely to get one. Cubana Whitelion is a full beard gang, he has narrated story of how he was abducted by men of Nigerian police for having full beard and he was bailed with 200k.

Cubana WhiteLion Eye Colour, Cubana WhiteLion Hair Colour? 

Cubana Whitelion eye and hair colour is black.

Cubana WhiteLion Interviews? Cubana WhiteLion Surgery? Cubana WhiteLion Songs?

Not available.

What Is Cubana WhiteLion Net Worth? Cubana WhiteLion Net Worth In Dollars?

Cubana Whitelion exact Net Worth In 2021 is yet to be determined but he has an estimated net worth of about $100,000 approximately.


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