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Rosemary Isong Biography

Have you heard of Officer Eno Obong her real name is Rosemary Isong and she likes to play the role of a police officer in her comedy videos. As your favorite biographer, we bring to you all about the Biography of Rosemary Isong in details, including link to see her videos. 

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Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth, 
Family, Son, Sister, Children, Kids, Parents.
Religion, Relationship, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Married, Tattoo, Tribe, Profession/Occupation, Education, Profile, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Eye colour, Hair Colour Interview. Surgery, Songs

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Quick Facts Checks; 

Full Names: Rosemary Isong
Popular As: Rosemary Isong/Officer Eno Obong
Gender: Female
Age: 24-27
Date Of Birth: January 12, 1990's
Spouse: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Mc Johnny Bassey 
Height/Weight: 5 ft 5"/ 75kg
Net Worth: $150,000
Occupation/Profession: Comedienne/Actor
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: No
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Rosemary Isong Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name; Who Is Rosemary Isong?

Rosemary Isong is Comedienne is known by her real name Rosemary Isong. She is an actor, comedian and a musician but she is more focused on her comedy videos creation career. Rosemary Isong if famous for her several comedy videos made in English and her local tribe Efik, the uniqueness of comedy video comes along with her ability to conjour Efik language and accent while still saying something understandable and creating her a funny content on social media. She plays the acts/roles of Obong and eno Obong in her funny comedy videos. Rosemary Isong is originally from Akwa Ibom State. Akwa Ibom State is a state in the South Eastern part of Nigeria and she speaks Efik. She was born sometime in the 1990's to Mr Eno Obong a retired police officer of the law.  

Rosemary Isong House

What Is Rosemary Isong Age, Rosemary Isong Birthday? How Old Is Rosemary Isong? When Is Rosemary Isong Birthday? 

Almost like every other lady, Rosemary Isong has made her age to be solely person and she has kept it a secret. While it has been possible and she has successfully kept her age from social media, Rosemary Isong Age is between 24-27. Hiding her age is possible but certainly not her birthday, well Rosemary Isong Birthday is on January 12. She celebrates her birthday on the 12th of every January being the first month of the year .

Rosemary Isong House

What Is Rosemary Isong Date Of Birth And Rosemary Isong Zodiac Sign? 

Rosemary Isong Date Of Birth is sometime in the 90's as it is not precisely known but her birth date is 12/01/1990's. Being born on the 12th of January, Rosemary Isong Zodiac Sign is Capricorn. Capricorns tend to have an impetuous character, who are usually ambitious, determined and quite careful. In turn, as a negative note of their personality, they are pessimistic and shy.

Rosemary Isong's House

Rosemary Isong's House

What Is Rosemary Isong Social Media Handles? Rosemary Isong Instagram? Rosemary Isong Tiktok? Rosemary Isong Twitter? Rosemary Isong Facebook? Rosemary Isong Youtube?

Rosemary Isong has been actively involved with social media since 2020 when she kicked off her comedy skit shooting. While she is more popular on Facebook than any other social media as, Rosemary Isong Facebook, she has a total fan base of about 126k followers with over 25k total likes and over 3m views of her comedy. She is also active on instagram with just about 12k followers and few posts as Rosemary Isong Instagram. Rosemary Isong is also active on tiktok and youtube with the username as Rosemary Isong.

Rosemary Isong Laff Nation

Laff Nation Entertainment & Rosemary Isong

Rosemary Isong Nationality, Rosemary Isong Country?

Rosemary Isong is of Nigerian Nationality from Nigeria, while her state of origin is Akwa Ibom.
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Rosemary Isong Hours 1m views On Facebook

Rosemary Isong As Officer Eno Obong

What Is Rosemary Isong Height And Weight? How Tall Is Rosemary Isong?

Rosemary Isong is quite a chubby endowed young lady with a sexy body but Rosemary Isong height is only about 5 ft 5" tall when standing straight. She weighs about 75-80kg. 

What Is Rosemary Isong Race And Ethnicity?

Rosemary Isong is of black skin race and an African Ethnicity precisely Nigerian.

Rosemary Isong Race

Rosemary Isong Ethnicity

Who Is Rosemary Isong Family, Parents, Rosemary Isong Father?, Mother? 

Rosemary Isong has seemed to be a very family protective person. She has succeeded in making all her family related information a secret. Although one of the few times things like her father's birthday was posted online by her and she wished him a happy birthday. While his name was not mentioned nor any detail about him made known, he may be an ex policeman and his name may be Eno Obong but not certain.

Rosemary Isong And Mc Johnny Bassey

Mc Johnny Bassey And Officer Eno Obong

Rosemary Isong Father

Rosemary Isong Father Birthday

Who Is Rosemary Isong Boyfriend? Rosemary Isong Girlfriend? Rosemary Isong Married?

Rosemary Isong may have had relationships in the past but she has certainly kept this one a secret. It is not confirmed whether she in a relationship with Mc Johnny Bassey, but there has been wild rumors of them dating. It is not confirmed whether Mc Johnny Bassey is her boyfriend but it is most likely.
Rosemary Isong is not a lesbian and she is not romantically or sexually involved with any lady knowingly or unknowingly but she has casual female friends which is normal. Rosemary Isong is not married.

Rosemary Isong Wedding

Rosemary Isong And Mc Johnny Bassey Wedding Photos

Rosemary Isong Husband

Rosemary Isong Boyfriend

Who Is Rosemary Isong Husband? Ex-Husband? Rosemary Isong Ex-Boyfriend? 

Rosemary Isong is not married yet, sometime ago she made a skit with Mc Johnny Bassey who is currently her boyfriend, about getting married but it has not been officially publicized if she is married secretly to him but the video she created was just a comedy skit. 
She has not been married before now so she has no Ex-Husband but certainly has Ex-Boyfriend but details about him are not available.

Rosemary Isong Boyfriend

Rosemary Isong Husband

Officer Eno Obong And Laff Nation Entertainment

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Rosemary Isong Tribe? Rosemary Isong Tattoos? Does Rosemary Isong Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Rosemary Isong? 

Rosemary Isong is from South Eastern state Akwa Ibom and from the tribe called Efik. 
No, Rosemary Isong does not have any tattoos or fancy body mark. But she has rest piercing which is likely from birth. 

Rosemary Isong Height

Rosemary Isong Eye Colour, Rosemary Isong Hair Colour? 

Rosemary Isong has black hair and eye colour.

Rosemary Isong Photos

Rosemary Isong Pictures

Rosemary Isong Interviews? Rosemary Isong Surgery? Rosemary Isong Songs?

So far she has not gone for any body surgery for body enhancement. No songs from her is known her. As a self acclaimed musician, no information or music from her has been seen so far but her boyfriend Mc Johnny Bassey is actively involved in singing.

Rosemary Isong Acting

Rosemary Isong Car

Rosemary Isong Comedy Videos

What Is Rosemary Isong Net Worth? What Is Rosemary Isong Net Worth In Dollars 2021?

While this is yet to be legitimately measured she has an estimated net worth of about $150,000 in dollar 2021. 

Rosemary Isong House


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