Chidi Ajaere Biography, Profile, Age, Wife, Net Worth, State Of Origin.

Chidi Ajaere Biography


Today, we will be reviewing the biography of one of Nigeria's most influential young CEO in the person of Chidi Ajaere, the chairperson and CEO of God Is Good Mobility. Continue reading below...

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Quick Facts Checks; 

Full Names: Chidi Ajaere
Popular As: Ceo GIGM 
Gender: Male
Age: 34 Years Old (2021)
Date Of Birth: 28 June 1987
Spouse:  Chantelle Ajaere
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None
Height/Weight:  5 ft 7
Net Worth: $1m
Occupation/Profession: Entrepreneur/Business Man
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: No
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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Chidi Ajaere Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name; 

Chidi Ajaere is the first son and heir of elite business business man and founder of one of Nigeria's most technologically advanced road transportation companies, Mr. Edwin Ajaere. Just at the upcoming stage of Edwin's business, he was kidnapped and killed by wicked family member over jealousy and dispute, following the death of his loving father and business man, Chidi Ajaere who is a business man, investor and the now chairman of GIG group for which God Is Good Motor now God Is Good Mobility and GIG logistics is under, returned to Nigeria from Toronto canada where he is based to take over good father's buddies. Although Chidi Ajaere hails from Orlu LGA, Imo state, he was born and bred on Benin-city the capital city of Edo state. Edo state is one of Nigeria's state located in is South South part where his parents both father Mr Edwin Ajaere and his mother Stella Ajaere lived happily and ran their transportation business before the kidnap and murder of Mr Edwin Ajaere that is Chidi Ajaere father. 
GIGM and GIG logistics are both subsidiaries of GIG group which includes an oil and gas business, an energy business, a short distance bus service and a media business. Chidi Ajaere headquartered the business GIG mobility in Benin-city the capital city of Edo state as that is where the business started. Chidi Ajaere aside from being a business man is a husband married to Chantelle Ajaere and a father to four kids. Himself alongside his family are based on Lagos and Toronto canada. Chidi Ajaere becoming the executive chairman of GIG group was after the passing on of his father, Mr Edwin Ajaere in 2009. 
Chidi Ajaere attended his grade school in Benin-city Edo state before processing to Covenant University Ota, Ogun state where he had his twisty education and furthered a Bachelor's degree in business management from Niagara college and Griffith University for a post diploma degree in international business management. 
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What Is Chidi Ajaere Age, Chidi Ajaere Birthday? How Old Is Chidi Ajaere? When Is Chidi Ajaere Birthday?

Chidi Ajaere Age is 33 years old, He marks his birthday on 28 June every year.
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What Is Chidi Ajaere Date Of Birth And Chidi Ajaere Zodiac Sign? 

Chidi Ajaere's date of birth is 28/06/1987

What Is Chidi Ajaere Social Media Handles? Instagram? Tiktok? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?

He currently do not have any official social media handle that is public. 

Chidi Ajaere Nationality, Chidi Ajaere Country? 

Chidi Ajaere is a Nigerian.
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What Is Chidi Ajaere Height And Chidi Ajaere Weight? How Tall Is Chidi Ajaere? 

He stands tall at about 5 ft 7" while he weighs about 80kg
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What Is Chidi Ajaere Race And Chidi Ajaere Ethnicity?

Who Is Chidi Ajaere Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

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Who Is Chidi Ajaere Boyfriend? Chidi Ajaere Girlfriend? Chidi Ajaere Married?

Who Is Chidi Ajaere Husband? Ex-Husband? Ex-Boyfriend? 

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Chidi Ajaere Tribe? Chidi Ajaere Tattoos? Does Chidi Ajaere Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Chidi Ajaere? 

Chidi Ajaere Eye Colour, Hair Colour? 

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Chidi Ajaere Interviews? Chidi Ajaere Surgery? Chidi Ajaere Songs?

What Is Chidi Ajaere Net Worth? Chidi Ajaere Net Worth In Dollars?

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