Nneoma Ukpabi Biography, Age, Instagram, Movies, Net Worth, Children, Husband.

Nneoma Ukpabi Biography


This is a complete Biography of multi-talented actress Nneoma Ukpabi, she is also a politician and a dancer. Meet the latest grandmother in town, Actress Nneoma Ukpabi is a known actress in the movie industry she has been seen in several roles with top movie stars.
Nneoma Ukpabi On Make Up

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Nneoma Ukpabi Biography, Origin, Wiki, Real Name, Full Name, Hometown, Gender, Husband, Ex-Husband, Ex-boyfriend, Nationality, Country, Ethnicity, 
Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth, 
Family, Son, Sister, Children, Kids, Parents.
Religion, Relationship, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Married, Tattoo, Tribe, Profession/Occupation, Education, Profile, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Eye colour, Hair Colour Interview. Surgery, Songs

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Quick Facts Checks; 

Full Names: Nneoma Honeybell Ukpabi
Popular As: Nneoma Ukpabi
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Date Of Birth: 17/10/1970
Spouse: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Not Available
Height/Weight: 5 ft 8"/100kg+ 
Net Worth: $300,000
Occupation/Profession: Actor/Politician
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Light Skin/African
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Nneoma Ukpabi Throwback Picture
Nneoma Ukpabi Height
Nneoma Ukpabi In Suit

Nneoma Ukpabi Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name; Who Is Nneoma Ukpabi? 

Nneoma Ukpabi whose full name is Nneoma Honeybell Ukpabi, she is an award winning multi-talented nollywood actress, she has been in the movie industry for quite a long time. Nneoma Ukpabi, 50, is not just an actress she is a politician, a dancer, and upcoming Singer, while she is very outstanding in her acting career, Nneoma Ukpabi moved on to contest for chairmanship of a political sit sometime ago and also ran for deputy governor in 2018 alongside a male governor although she lost the election to other party after the election took place in 2019.
Nneoma Ukpabi During Chairmanship Campaign
Nneoma Ukpabi Governorship campaign

Nneoma Honeybell Ukpabi is a well endowed lady with massive chest and backside with which she commands attention, if you've come across Cosy Orjiakor then you may have an idea of that Nneoma Ukpabi looks like.
Nneoma Ukpabi And Cosy Orjiakor Her Lookalike
Despite having a big body, the size doesn't stop her from making her super dance moves. Nneoma Honeybell Ukpabi is the same as Actress Nneoma Ukpabi the Nollywood actress who had the problem of an overdue pregnancy (10 months). She had previously undergone two Caesarians for her other children. She was again booked for an operation for the third time because her placenta could not support the baby.
 The doctor stated that she could not undergo normal labour because it could become life threatening. A lady encouraged her to pray and believe in God and brought out the Anointing Water stating that it was from the SCOAN.
Nneoma Ukpabi At Scoan With Tb Joshua
The lady ministered it to her in the name of Jesus Christ and 15 minutes later the first stage of labour took place as blood and water gushed out. She was taken to the hospital where she later delivered the baby safely without operation. The doctor was surprised that she delivered the baby safely without the operation she was booked to undergo. 
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What Is Nneoma Ukpabi Age, Nneoma Ukpabi Birthday? How Old Is Nneoma Ukpabi? When Is Nneoma Ukpabi Birthday?

As a grandmother and a mother of four grown up children, Nneoma Ukpabi has decided to make her age quite a secret, although she celebrates her birthday, Nneoma Ukpabi Age is not known. Nneoma Ukpabi Birthday is on the 17th Of October and she celebrates it every year with her Co actors and actresses not forgetting about her family. Her birthday is 17th October.
Nneoma Ukpabi Birthday
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What Is Nneoma Ukpabi Date Of Birth And Nneoma Ukpabi Zodiac Sign? 

Nneoma Ukpabi Date Of Birth is not exactly known but she is about the ages of 49-51 as of the year 2021. Making her date of birth as 17/10/1970. 
As an October 17 born, Nneoma Ukpabi Zodiac sign is Libra which explains why she is a strong, wise and artistic woman.

What Is Nneoma Ukpabi Social Media Handles? Nneoma Ukpabi Instagram? Nneoma Ukpabi Tiktok? Nneoma Ukpabi Twitter? Nneoma Ukpabi Facebook? Nneoma Ukpabi Youtube?

Although one may think of Nneoma Ukpabi as an old woman but she carries herself work so much prestige and is very vibrant. Without consideration of age in countries like ours, Nneoma Ukpabi is a very active social media and TV personality. Anyone can easily reach Nneoma Ukpabi through her instagram as she is usually very active there @nneomaukpabi with less than 10k followers so be rest assured that she'll give listening ears. Nneoma Ukpabi is also on tiktok, after her first account @Nneomaukpabi on tiktok, was closed, she has just opened a new tiktok account as @Nneomaukpabi875 where she shows of all dancing and singing skills. She is also on Facebook as Nneoma Ukpabi and visits youtube regularly.

Nneoma Ukpabi Nationality, Country? Where Is Nneoma Ukpabi From? Which State Is Nneoma Ukpabi From? What Is Nneoma Ukpabi State Of Origin? 

Nneoma Ukpabi is of Nigerian Nationality. She's from the South Eastern part of the country Nigeria. Nneoma Ukpabi is from Imo state as state of origin. 
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What Is Nneoma Ukpabi Height And Nneoma Ukpabi Weight? How Tall Is Nneoma Ukpabi?

Nneoma Ukpabi stands tall at a height of 5 ft 8" and weighs a little about 90kg+
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What Is Nneoma Ukpabi Race And Nneoma Ukpabi Ethnicity?

Although Nneoma Ukpabi is light skinned and looks like whites, she is a complete African from Nigeria precisely.

Who Is Nneoma Ukpabi Family, Nneoma Ukpabi Parents, Father, Mother? 

Nneoma Ukpabi is not just a woman, she is a wife, mother, and most recently grandmother by her first daughter's child Thelma. While it is an obvious fact that Nneoma Ukpabi has at least once been a wife to a man, she has never revealed who it is and whether they are separated.
Nneoma Ukpabi First Daughter Thelma
Nneoma Ukpabi First Child and Son Prince
Nneoma Ukpabi Last Two Babies
However, she is a mother of four beautiful children, a boy and three girls. Nneoma Ukpabi Son is her first child and only son, he is about the age of 24 years old as of 2021.
Prince Ukpabi Picture
Nneoma Ukpabi Son Prince
Nneoma Ukpabi son's name is @UltimatePrince (as identified on instagram), his real name is Prince Ukpabi. Prince Ukpabi has described himself as Singer, entrepreneur, entertainer, Musician and Omenala Rapper. He is a University graduate, but he is into entertainment. He celebrates his birthday on 18th August every year.
Thelma Ben Nneoma Ukpabi daughter
Nneoma Ukpabi daughter in bikini
Nneoma Ukpabi second child is Thelma Ben. Thelma Ben is the second child and first daughter of her mother Nneoma Ukpabi. Thelma Ben is married and has just recently given birth to a baby for her husband making her mother a grandmother. Thelma Ukpabi is on instagram as @dripdamebeauty. Nneoma Ukpabi is seen in a video bathing her grandchild. Nneoma Ukpabi third child is Miracle Ukpabi @miracle_7yrs on instagram, she is the second daughter that put to birth street the administration of TB Joshua's anointed water due to complication at child birth.

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Who Is Nneoma Ukpabi Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Nneoma Ukpabi Married? Is Nneoma Ukpabi Married? 

Nneoma Ukpabi used to be married but detail about her marriage is not available but currently she doesn't flaunt or talk about any man as a husband neither does she have any boyfriend that she is romantically involved with.
Nneoma Ukpabi With Friends
Nneoma Ukpabi With Younger Brother

Who Is Nneoma Ukpabi Husband? Ex-Husband? Ex-Boyfriend? 

There's no information as regards her husband, and it is not known if she is divorced or not, she just keeps slaying like a single teenager and feels young everyday.
Nneoma Ukpabi With Pete Edochie
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Nneoma Ukpabi Tribe? Nneoma Ukpabi  Tattoos? Does Nneoma Ukpabi Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Nneoma Ukpabi? 

Nneoma Ukpabi being who hails from South-eastern Nigeria precisely Imo state is Igbo by tribe. No, Nneoma Ukpabi does not have any tattoo on her body but she wears make up and draws native marks on her body while on set of a local movie which is removed almost immediately.

Nneoma Ukpabi Eye Colour, Hair Colour? 

Nneoma Ukpabi has natural black eye colour and black hair colour but at times she decides to do a little bit of colour work on her hair and mostly wears blonde hair colour.
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Nneoma Ukpabi Interviews? Nneoma Ukpabi Surgery? Nneoma Ukpabi Songs? Nneoma Ukpabi Movies? 

Nneoma Ukpabi has been on several exclusive interviews but doesn't really day much about her family. 
Nneoma Ukpabi is not musical artist but an actress for Nollywood Movie industry. But recently she was featured in a music video which she described as the first time in her life and she felt happy doing it. 
As a popular tv star Nneoma Ukpabi has featured in great movies with most of Nollywood's influential actors and actresses. Below is a list of selected movies she featured in with pictures of her; 
  1. Supreme Pot 
  2. Blind Warrior 
  3. Military Widows 
  4. King Of The Palace 
  5. Wrong 
  6. Pot Of Power 
  7. Kingdom Against Kingdom 
  8. The Maltreated Widow 
  9. The Ghost Lover  
With Pete Edochie
Nneoma Ukpabi With Colleagues
Nneoma Ukpabi And Clems Ohameze

What Is Nneoma Ukpabi Net Worth? Nneoma Ukpabi Net Worth In Dollars?

As of 2021, Nneoma Ukpabi Net Worth In Dollars is estimated to be about $300,000 approximately.
Nneoma Ukpabi With Osuofia
Nneoma Ukpabi With 2baba Idibia
Nneoma Ukpabi With Prophet Jeremiah Of Delta
Nneoma Ukpabi With Chinwetalagu 

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