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Meet the latest trending Tiktoks sensation Itzammie tiktok. Itzammie though is popular on tiktok and Instagram, itzammie it's a very secretive personality. Below is detailed biography of itzammie tiktok including details such as her real name, age, Birthday and Net Worth not forgetting her state of origin.

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Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth, 
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Full Names: Amarachi Itzammie
Popular As: Itzammie Tiktok
Gender: Female
Age: 26 Years Old
Date Of Birth: 8 July 1996
Spouse: None
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Single
Height/Weight: 5 ft 9"/75kg
Net Worth: $50,000
Occupation/Profession: Tiktoker/Influencer
Nationality: Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity: Black/African
Religion: Christian
Tattoo: None
Sexual Orientation: Straight
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Itzammie Biography, Wiki, Bio, Real Name;

Itzammie is a Nigerian verified tiktoker, who it known for her renowned beauty and smile. Itzammie is an igbo girl from Orlu, Imo state, Nigeria. Imo state is one of the Nigerian states located in the South eastern part of the country in Africa. Itzammie is a popular Nigerian tiktoker whose real name is Amarachi, 25. Itzammie is a model, tiktoker, brand ambassador, social media influencer and Bs.c holder from Nigerian University. While as a student itzammie pursued her modeling and influencer career first in 2019 as a student using tiktok with her username as itzammie 4646, until she lost access to her account which already had thousands of followers, but she didn't give up on her career.
On February 28, 2020, after she lost her previous account she opened her current tiktok account which now has over 1.5m followers, and continued chasing her dream as an influencer and media personality, after which she proceeded to opening her instagram account on January 23, 2021 still chasing her career with determination. As a content creator and promoter itzammie is into promotion of songs and brands for sista l artists and brand, as a result of driving so much traffic and engagement to her page, she now gets paid handsomely for the adverts done on her page thereby earning her cash to pay her bills and achieve her dreams.
Her rise in fame is due to her consistency in her passion while maintaining her beauty and smile that's drives her lots of engagement on her social media platforms. Apart from being a tiktoker and using filters, Amarachi who is Popularly known as itzammie has a perfect body build with surgeries and stands tall at an elegant height which makes her outstanding from her equals. Her full name is Amarachi “Itzammie”.
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What Is Itzammie Age, Itzammie Birthday? How Old Is Itzammie? When Is Itzammie Birthday? 

Although itzammie still looks very young and beautiful, she is actually in her mid 20's. Itzammie age precisely is 25 Years Old and she wished herself a happy birthday on her 25th birthday which she celebrates on July 8 annually.
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What Is Itzammie Date Of Birth And itzammie Zodiac Sign? 

Itzammie's date of birth is 8 July, 1996. That means she is 25 Years Old as of 2021. As a July born, itzammie's zodiac sign is Cancer while her zodiac element is water, her zodiac symbol is Crab. Being a Cancer born on July 8th, a she is meticulous, creative and mysterious. She seem to invest a lot of time in the plans she get involved into and at times, perhaps she put too much emotion in them. She enjoys it when things change for her especially when it is something tangible in her circumstances and you rarely stay passive to this.

What Is Itzammie Social Media Handles? Instagram? Tiktok? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?

Itzammie whose real name is Amarachi can be followed on all Social media platforms as “Itzammie". She is active on facebook, Instagram, Twitter and youtube in same name as itzammie.

Itzammie Nationality, itzammie Country?

Itzammie Amarachi is a Nigerian young lady whose State Of Origin is Imo state Nigeria.
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What Is Itzammie Height And itzammie Weight? How Tall Is Itzammie?

Despite having a super endowed body build, itzammie is also blessed with a distinguishing height as she stands tall at a height of 5 ft 9" tall while weighing over 80kg.
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What Is  Itzammie Race And itzammie Ethnicity?

Itzammie Amarachi is of a black race and African Ethnicity, she doesn't have any family tie or link with whites.

Who Is Itzammie Family, Parents, Father, Mother? 

Itzammie is a very secretive Personality like other celebrities, itzammie doesn't reveal any of her family details online except for one or twice she shows a video or picture of her elder brother but doesn't give out his name.
Nothing is known about her parents, family, and Siblings.
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Who Is Itzammie Boyfriend? Itzammie Girlfriend? Itzammie Married?

While it is a known fact that itzammie has a boyfriend, she doesn't reveal or make public anything about her romantic life. Itzammie is not married yet.

Who Is Itzammie Husband? Itzammie Ex-Husband? Itzammie Ex-Boyfriend? 

Itzammie is not married and doesn't have a husband neither does she have an ex husband as she has never been married to anyone.
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Itzammie Tribe? Itzammie Tattoos? Does itzammie Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Itzammie? 

Itzammie Amarachi is of the igbo tribe of Nigeria, although she paints and make inscription on her body while creatively creating content, she doesn't have any tattoos on her body.

Itzammie Eye Colour, Hair Colour? 

Itzammie's eye and hair colour are black.
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Itzammie Interviews? Itzammie Surgery? Itzammie Songs?

Itzammie has not appeared on any notable exclusive interview but she has never undergone any artificial body surgery but she is still very recognized as one of the most endowed tiktoker on social media. She doesn't write nor sing songs but she helps in promoting songs for artists. 

What Is Itzammie Net Worth? Itzammie Net Worth In Dollars?

Itzammie's net worth is over $50,000 in dollar as of 2021.
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