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Romeo Wj is a short form for Romeo Without Juliet. Romeo Wj, who is a popular Nigerian comedian has been making waves on social media over his evergreen content usually shares on his digital media platforms. This article contains the biography and every information you need to know about Romeo Wj, including Romeo Without Juliet biography, age, family, girlfriend, wife, net worth, comedy, comedy videos, parents, height, weight and many more as listed in the table of content below.

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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Adokiye David West
Popular As Romeo Wj Or 
Aboli Comedian
Gender Male
Age 26 Years Old(2021)
Date Of Birth 31 March 1995
Girlfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 8"/75kg±
Profession/Career Comedian/Content Creator
Nationality Nigerian
State Of Origin Rivers State
Religion Christian
Net Worth $200,000

Romeo Wj (Aboli) 
Biography And Wiki: Adokiye David West (born 31 March 1995) is a 
Nigerian multiskilled professional Comedian, content creator and singer who is professionally known as Romeo Wj which stands for Romeo Without Juliet, he is also known as Aboli. Most of his professional names were as a result his roles in his comedy videos. 

As a singer he is signed to kings nations, while comedy is the root of his fame. His Instagram videos employ rap criteria like metaphor, wordplay etc. He was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Aboli or Romeo Wj as he is famously known originally hails from Rivers State. Aboli Comedian aka Romeo Without Juliet spent most of his lifetime in Rivers State excluding short travels he makes, Aboli had his education in Rivers State and also obtained a Bachelor's degree at the University of science and technology. His entertainment career stats from his secondary school days when he represented the dreams group as president. He attended several shows where he showcased his comedy skills and talent.
After graduating, he relocated to Lagos where he fully indulged himself into a career of entertainment. He is a highly creative and multiskilled artist with fine humor. His comedy skits usually involve hilarious approaches to the main issues of societal and economic problems.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Age: How Old Is Romeo Wj (Aboli)? Aboli Comedian is currently 26 Years Old as of 2021.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Birthday: When Is Birthday Romeo Wj (Aboli)? His birthday is on 31 March.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign: Romeo Without Juliet real date of birth is 31 March 1995. 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Instagram: With over 750k followers, Aboli Comedian runs an official instagram account where he shares his video content and also runs promotional videos and ambassadorial deals. His official instagram handle is @Romeo Wj.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Twitter: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Facebook: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Youtube:

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Nationality, Romeo Wj is a Nigerian, he hails from South-eastern Nigeria particularly from Rivers State.?* 

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Romeo Wj (Aboli) 
Height: How Tall Is Romeo
 Wj (Aboli)? Aboli who is also famously known as Romeo Without Juliet stands at a height of 5 ft 8". 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Weight: He weighs about 75kg±.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Race: Black.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Ethnicity:

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Mother

Romeo Wj (Aboli)
Family, Parents: Aboli Comedian parents name is Mr and Mrs Adokiye, from Rivers State.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Father And Mother: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriend: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Girlfriend: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Married:

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Husband, Ex-Husband: 

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Romeo Wj (Aboli) Tribe: What Tribe Is Romeo Wj (Aboli)?

Romeo Wj (Aboli) 
Tattoos: Does Romeo Wj (Aboli) Have Tattoos? Yes, Aboli Comedian is a lover of tattoos and has most part of his upper body covered with tattoos.
Romeo Wj (Aboli) Eye Colour: Black.

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Hair Colour: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Interviews: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Surgery: 

Romeo Wj (Aboli) Songs:

Romeo Wj (Aboli)
Net Worth: Net Worth In Dollars? Adokiye David West net worth in dollars is estimated to be approximately $200,000 and it's equivalent in naira as of the year 2021.


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