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Basic Facts Outline;
Full Name Kris Collins
Popular As Kallmekris TikTok
Gender Female
Age 26 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 01 July 1996
Boyfriend Aaron Brown
Height/Weight 5 ft 7"/65kg±
Profession/Career Model/Influencer/ Tiktoker 
Nationality Canadian
Race/Ethnicity White/Canada
Religion Christian
Net Worth $10,000,000

Kallmekris Biography And Wiki: Who Is Kallmekris? Where Is Kallmekris From? Chris Collins (born 1 July 1996) is a famous, young and pretty Canadian multiskilled model, influencer, Lip sync artist, TikTok star, Hairstylist and content creator born in Canada. 

Chris Collins who is professionally known as Kallmekris on virtually all social media platform started her content creation career and influencing by sharing few seconds videos of herself on the most popular social media app, Tiktok, in 2019 while sharing videos of herself mimicking several scenes from popular Harry Potter movie. 
Kallmekris TikTok became famous after one of TikTok and Instagram videos of mimicking celebrities went viral driving her more than a million views in less that a day. 

Kallmekris whose real name is Chris Collins hails from Canada. She finished high school from East High, Salt lake City, Utah in 2014 and then decided to pursue her career in tourism which she started in 2019 traveling to several continents from Canada alongside her current boyfriend who was formerly her best friend. 

Kallmekris TikTok also graduated from Vancouver Hair Academy South Surrey in August 2017 where she learnt how to proper make her. On her graduation day, she made a post tagged, "Graduation day 🎉 I'm officially a certified Hairdresser !! 😄💇🏼 A big thank you to @tell.them.patrick.did.it @le.duc.style@elatana_14 and @tiffanymacaulay for being the best teachers ever" as a mark of successfully learning how to make hair.

Kallmekris TikTok later moved on to creating contents on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms where she recognized for sharing green content that attracted lots of viewers. 

Chris Collins also known as Kallmekris took to on TikTok fully sometime around April, 2020 while constantly sharing her evergreen videos. Within the space of August through to February 2021, Kallmekris TikTok gained over 20m followers on TikTok as her videos kept going viral. 

Kallmekris TikTok is one of the most famous influencers on TikTok with currently over 42.3m followers since she started in April, 2020. 

Here's a break down of how her Tiktok followers grew from 1k followers to about 42.3m; 
From August to September 2020 gained 5m followers on TikTok.. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly humbled & taken back I am by all the love and support you’ve given me over these past few months. I never in a million years would have ever expected this. I’m so blessed to have met so many amazing people through this experience so far & to have so many amazing supporters behind me. I love you guys, and thankyou so much for 5 million!! Stay weird! Stay Golden! & Let the fun continue!!. 

6 million followers on TikTok...whoa...I am so incredibly humbled and grateful for all the love and support you’ve given me❤️ and this happens to be my 6 month anniversary on TikTok as well which is crazy! This journey has been incredible so far and I can’t wait to keep the adventure going! 🥰❤️Red hair for 6 million. 

"Soooo TikTok didn’t let me post this so I’ll post it on here!! Thankyou SO MUCH for 7 million followers on TikTok! This is a bit of a chaotic fail but it was fun lol! Thankyou for your help @jesscollins24 & @sophiadegianni ❤️❤️ and thankyou to everyone who has been supporting me and showing me so much love! Y’all are amazing!". 
THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR 9 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TIKTOK!! sorry for yelling, I’m just so flabbergasted. Y’all are so kind and supportive and amazing and I love yah!! Such a cool experience. 

11 Million on TikTok!?! Holy🐄!! Thankyou guys so much!!❤️ my hair is crazy, I’m crazy & this whole situation is crazy! But I’m so grateful for all your support! 🥰 Stay weird, stay crazy, stay golden pony¢$$.?

Kallmekris Age: How Old Is Kallmekris? Kallmekris TikTok and her twin sister are currently 26 Years Old.

Kallmekris Birthday:
When Is Kallmekris Birthday? Kallmekris TikTok celebrates her birthday every year with her twin sister every 1st July. She made a post on her page while celebrating one of her 24th birthday tagged; "What I’ve learned in the 24yrs I’ve been here is that you can’t depend on others to make you happy, that only leads to having the constant need to please people & base your worth off what other think of you. You need to work every day to make yourself happy, find what you love, do what you enjoy and be kind to yourself in the process. It’s a marathon not a sprint."

Kallmekris Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign: Chris Collins aka Kallmekris date of birth is 01 July 1996. And her zodiac sign is Cancer. Cancer (
1 July) borns are very sociable, focused, have a strong-willed character. Usually they attract everyone’s attention with their conversation and demeanor. Success and luck, one might say, from birth are inherent in them.

YoutubeKallmekris (1m+ Subscribers)
Facebook@Not Available

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Kallmekris Height:
How Tall Is Kallmekris? Chris Collins is about 5 ft 5" tall when standing straight as of 2022.

Kallmekris Weight: She weighs about 65kg±.

Kallmekris Race: White.

Kallmekris Ethnicity: Canadian.

Kallmekris Family, Parents:
Chris Collins grew up with both of her parents Mr and Mrs Collins. No much information about her family is available. As she prefers to keep them private.

Kallmekris Father And Mother: Not Available.* 

  Kallmekris Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend: Kallmekris TikTok whose real name is Chris Collins has been in a relationship with her best friend who recently turned her boyfriend. Kallmekris boyfriend's name is Aaron Brown and he is also very active on Instagram as aaronbrown17.

Kallmekris Girlfriend: Kallmekris sexual orientation is straight and she is not sexually or romantically involved with any lady.

Kallmekris Married: Is Kallmekris Married? No, Kallmekris TikTok is not married married to anyone yet.

Kallmekris Husband, Ex-Husband: Kallmekris TikTok does not have a husband as she is not married to any man yet as of the time of this publication.

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Kallmekris Tribe:  What Tribe Is Kallmekris?

Kallmekris Tattoos:
Does Kallmekris Have Tattoos? No, Kallmekris does not have any tattoos yet because contrary to her,  her mom does not like tattoos so she can't get one. One time she got a fake tattoo and showed to her mom, her mother rejected it.
Eye Colour: Blue.

Kallmekris Hair Colour: Blonde.

Kallmekris Interviews: Had a wonderful time volunteering for the Abby Hospice/Holberg House Gala tonight. Got to meet Global TV news anchor @deol.sonia , she was a hilarious host 👏🏻 best of luck to the Abby hospice society with the years to come.

Kallmekris Surgery: None.

Kallmekris Songs: Not Available.

Kallmekris Net Worth:
Net Worth In Dollars? Kallmekris TikTok net worth in dollar as of the year 2022 has not been estimated, but as of 2021 she was estimated to have a net worth of approximately $10,000,000.


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