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Basic Facts Outline;
Full Name Vivian Gold Kaitetsi
Popular As Goldviv1 TikTok
Gender Female
Age 24 Years Old (2022)
Date Of Birth 17 December 1998
Boyfriend Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 5"/65kg±
Profession/Career Actress/Fashion Model
Nationality Ugandan
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $20,000

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Biography And Wiki: 

Who Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi? Where Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi From? 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi (born 17 December 1998) is professional Ugandan actress, fashion model, influencer and content creator. Vivian Gold Kaitetsi who was born in Uganda, is a slim fit model who has gained popularity as a model through her sensational, controversial videos she often shares on her social media platforms. However, do to her incredibly tiny waist and big back side, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi has been recognized by most of her male fans. 

What Is Goldviv1 Real Name?

Who Is Goldviv1? Goldviv1 is the gorgeous Ugandan actress, fashion model influencer, dancer, content creator and social media personality who we just talked about. 

What Is Goldviv1 Real Name? Although this gorgeous Ugandan is famously known as Goldviv1 from one of her social media platforms, Goldviv1 real name is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi. 

Even before Goldviv1 started practicing her acting and modeling profession, she has been very active in using social media which was one of the first place she gained recognition. Although she wasn't really into content creation or modeling but only shared casual photos of herself on her pages, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi was still admired and followed by several fans who admired her incredibly tiny physique.
Way back as of 2017, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi started running her Instagram page solely, posting only casual pictures of herself just for the fun of it, she grew amazingly slow and steady into the success.

Furthermore, although Vivian Gold Kaitetsi was being noticed by few fans, this could not get her up to her later desire to become rich and famous, after finishing her Bachelor's Degree in one of Ugandan University, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi went straight into acting of films which is where she started gaining prominence as a person who is interested in modeling and acting, not excluding her exceptional tiny waist and big back side, some would say it was her selling point but who cares?

Well Vivian Gold Kaitetsi who is professionally known as Goldviv1 was able to get recognition in the movie entertainment industry as a result of her nice physique. The beautiful model for the honors of featuring as a main character in few movies such as "Pretending To Be Fire" in 2014, "Damage in 2016" and "Hustle in 2017". She is also currently featuring in a movie series titled "Loving Tyra ". Over her time in the industry, she has received several awards of honors. 

Talking about Vivian Gold Kaitetsi fame, Goldviv1 as she is professionally known is now rich and famous and can personally take care of her own bills, she currently funding her lavish and luxury lifestyle traveling to different countries and continents meeting up with lots of international artists and actors who are also rich and famous in the movie and music industry even though she is not an artist. She was seen in one of her recent uploads on her social media page, Instagram, with one of Nigeria's famous record label boss and artist professionally known as Donjazzy as they hung out together.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi is active on virtually all social media platforms with her real name or professional name, Goldviv1. But through out all this social media platforms, she has only one official page which are almost verified. 

On TikTok Vivian Gold Kaitetsi has over 2.8 million followers with her  verified username as Goldviv1 and over 312k followers on Instagram with her username as Vivian Gold Kaitetsi.

Who Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi?

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Age: 

How Old Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi? 

As of the year 2021, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Birthday aka Goldviv1 celebrated her 23 Years birthday but she didn't make any post on her social media page with regards to her birthday and age. But 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi aka Goldviv1 will be 24 Years Old by 2022 after her birthday.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Birthday: 

When Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Birthday?

Although Vivian Gold Kaitetsi has taken a break from sharing updates about her birthday on her social media pages, the last time she made it public was on her 21st birthday which was in 2019. However, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi real birthday is on 17 December, but she has not been sharing any posts as regards her birthday for a while now the reason is still yet unknown. 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign:

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi aka Goldviv1 from Uganda date of birth is 17 December 1998 and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

YoutubeVivian Gold Kaitetsi
Instagram@Vivian Gold Kaitetsi
Twitter@Vivian Gold Kaitetsi (Goldviv1)
Facebook@Vivian Gold Kaitetsi (Official Fan Page)

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Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Height: 

How Tall Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi?

From the first glance at Vivian Gold Kaitetsi, one may be compelled to think this lady is somewhat tall due to her extremely slim fit model body, but in reality Vivian Gold Kaitetsi is not part of people to be classified as tall although one may not necessarily refer to her as because Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Height is 5 ft 5" tall while standing straight.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Weight:

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi aka Goldviv1 is rated to have a total body mass of about 60-65kg± as it is a well known fact that human body weight is subject to fluctuation.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Race: 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi who is from Uganda is of the black race.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Ethnicity:*

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi from Uganda is of African descent. She is of African Ethnicity.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Family, Parents:

There's no information about Vivian Gold Kaitetsi parents available as she prefers to keep her family information private.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Father And Mother: 

Not Available.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Boyfriend? Ex-Boyfriend?:   

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Girlfriend: 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Married:

As of the year 2022, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi clocked 24 Years Old, but it doesn't seem like the young lady is making any plan to get married as she is currently not married and has not stated if she is ready to get married.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Husband, Ex-Husband: 

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Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Tribe: 

What Tribe Is Vivian Gold Kaitetsi?

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Tribe Is from one of the native tribes in Uganda.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Tattoos: 

Does Vivian Gold kaitetsi Have Tattoos? 

 No, Vivian Gold Kaitetsi aka Goldviv1 does not have any tattoos on her body.

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Eye Colour: 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Hair Colour: 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Interviews: 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Surgery: 

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Songs:

Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Net Worth: 

Net Worth In Dollars? Vivian Gold Kaitetsi professionally known as Goldviv1 has an estimated net worth of approximately $50,000 as of the year 2022.
Vivian Gold Kaitetsi Net Worth


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