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Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Biography 

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Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Basic Facts Outline;

Full NameCindy Nkeiru Okafor
Popular AsCindy BBnaija 
Age27 Years Old
Date Of Birth1996
BoyfriendNot Available
Height/Weight5 ft 11"/80kg±
Net Worth$250,000

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Biography And Wiki 

Who Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor? Where Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor From?  

Biography of Cindy Nkeiru Okafor

Full Biography Of Cindy Nkeiru Okafor: Career, Occupation, Life History, Childhood Story, Family, Background, Education, Parents, Siblings, Relationship, Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, Sister

Who Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor?

Biography of Nkeiru Okafor

All you need to know about Cindy Nkeiru Okafor, Her Life, Biography, Date of Birth, Tribe, Marriage.

Who is Cindy Okafor?

Cindy Okafor, popularly known as Cindy BBnaija, is a multi-talented Nigerian actress, director, videographer, and photographer who rose to fame as a contestant on the fourth season of Big Brother Naija's Pepper Dem Gang edition in 2019. In this article, we will delve into her life and career, including her early life, personal life, and net worth.

 Cindy BBnaija is an accomplished Nigerian actress, director, videographer, and photographer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her story is an inspiration to many young Nigerians who aspire to follow their dreams and make it big in life.

What is Cindy Okafor Age and Date of Birth?

She is 27 years old. She was born in 1996.


Cindy Okafor Early Life

Born in 1996 to Mr. and Mrs. Okafor in her hometown in Imo State, Cindy is a proud Igbo from the southeastern region of Nigeria. She spent most of her childhood in Imo State, where she obtained her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.


Who are Cindy Okafor Parents?

Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Okafor


Cindy Okafor Career

Cindy's early career in the entertainment industry began before she joined the Big Brother Naija house at the age of 23. She had always known what she wanted in life and recognized that she needed a platform to sell herself and her brand, and Big Brother Naija was that platform for her. Since then, she has made strides in her career and continues to grow.


Where is Cindy Nkeiru From?

She is a Native of Imo State, Nigeria.

Despite not revealing much about her personal life, Cindy is known to detest arrogance and deceitful people. Her net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $800,000, thanks to her successful career in the entertainment industry.


Cindy Okafor Religion?

She is a Christian

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Net Worth

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor is estimated to be worth about $250,000 being an Instagram influencer and actress.

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Religion:

Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor a Muslim or Christian? Cindy Nkeiru Okafor was raised in a Christian household in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings:

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Okafor.


Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Siblings:

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor has other siblings, brothers, and sisters.


Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures:

Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor married? Cindy Nkeiru Okafor is currently single and has not tied the knot.


Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Husband:

Who is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Husband, name, pictures? Cindy Nkeiru Okafor does not have a husband yet as she is single and not married. Cindy Nkeiru Okafor has not revealed any marriage plans.

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Boyfriend: Who is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Dating?

Who Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor boyfriend, name, Pictures, Videos?

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Sugar Daddy: Who is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Dating?

Who Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Sugar Daddy, name, Pictures, Videos?

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Girlfriend, Relationship, Dating:

Who Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Girlfriend, name, Pictures?

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Children, Child: 

Does Cindy Nkeiru Okafor have a child? Not yet; Cindy Nkeiru Okafor does not have any offspring.


Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Engagement, Engaged, Fiancé:

Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor engaged? Cindy Nkeiru Okafor is currently in a committed relationship but not engaged.

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor House and Cars:

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor's residence and automobile collection are in Lagos Nigeria.

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Phone Number, Contact, WhatsApp:

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor's phone Number is unavailable.


Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Instagram:

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Instagram handle is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Date Of Birth And Zodiac Sign 


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Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Height 

How Tall Is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor?

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Weight 

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Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Ethnicity 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Family, Parents 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Girlfriend 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Married 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Husband, Ex-Husband 

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Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Tattoos 

Does Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Have Tattoos?

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Hair Colour 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Interviews 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Surgery 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Songs 

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Net Worth 

What is Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Net Worth In Dollars?

Cindy Nkeiru Okafor Controversies/Rumors 

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