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Sara Abdul was one of the top personalities that graced Bobrisky's recent lavish birthday party on August 31, 2021. She is regarded as one of the "biggest girls" in Abuja. It is not a surprise that Bobrisky who regards herself as one of the "biggest girls" in Lagos also rolls with one of the "biggest girls" in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city. Bobrisky mentioned her as one of her richest friends she does not joke with
She was one of the biggest girls who rained lots of dollar bills on Bobrisky on the occasion of her recent lavish birthday.
For the records, she is the lady whose video went viral for boarding presidential private jet some days ago just a month after she made a glorious entry to Bobrisky's birthday party where she was seen making dollar bill rain on Bobrisky.
This article by news broadcast blog contains the biography of Sara Abdul as well as other information you would want to know about her including her husband, net worth, real age, real name and history.
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Quick Facts Checks;
Full Name Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik
Popular As Sara Abdul/Abdul Shally
Gender Female
Age 30 Years Old(2021)
Date Of Birth 12/08/1991
Spouse Private
Height/Weight 5 ft 8"/80kg+
Profession/Career Philanthropist
Nationality Nigerian
Race/Ethnicity Black/African
Religion Christian
Net Worth $500,000

Abdul Shally Biography Wiki Bio Real Name:
Who Is Abdul Shally?
Abdul Shally (amb) as she is professionally known is also fondly called Abuja biggest girl by friends and fans. Her real name is Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik. 
Abdul Shally or Amb Sara Abdul as she is famously known is a wife, mother of three, Philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur and the CEO of Shamies Unusual Concepts also known as Shamies Foundation. 
Sara Abdul is a lover of the under-cared, especially prisoners and the physically abused, through a range of public and private organizations; including Shamies Unusual Heart which is her personal charity foundation. Using her social media platform, she has reached out to a good number of widows across Africa, distributed rice and other relief materials to those in dear need, has also taken a number of kids from the street and some from IDP camps and placed them on scholarship. Very passionate about reaching out to prisoners and bailed some, also helps to ensure that they remain free by enrolling some of them into a skill acquisition training and other trades to help sustain themselves.
Sara Abdul possesses a wild skill set, including conditioned based maintenance, holds a Bsc in sociology, a diploma in private investigation and currently studying business management.
Extremely knowledgeable with several years of entrepreneurial experience.

She looks forward to securing a society, where love and selflessness sears through our souls like a hot knife through butter, where compassion like the pulmonary artery isn’t far from our hearts, and where peace, oneness and tranquility thrives.
Amb Sara Abdul born on 12, August 1991, to Mr Audi and Mrs Ummu from Sokoto state, Nigeria. Sokoto state is one of the 36 states located in the northern part of Nigeria.
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik is an origin of Sokoto state, she is originally a Fulani by tribe.
What Is Abdul Shally Age, Abdul Shally Birthday? 
How Old Is Abdul Shally
When Is Abdul Shally Birthday? 
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik who is famously known as Amb Sara Abdul recently celebrated her 30th birthday two months ago at Sheraton hotel in Abuja, just before her mate and friend Bobrisky who also celebrated her 30th birthday on 31st August. Amb Sara Abdul Birthday is on 12 August, and she marks her birthday every year. Amb Sara Abdul is currently 30 Years Old.
What Is Abdul Shally
 Date Of Birth And Abdul Shally Zodiac Sign?
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik date of birth is 12 August 1991 and her zodiac sign is Leo ♌.
What Is Abdul Shally Social Media Handles? Abdul Shally Instagram? Tiktok? Abdul Shally Twitter? Facebook? Youtube?
Amb Sara Abdul as she is famously known is popular and active on social media platforms with her official username as Abdulshally.
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik uses her social media platforms to reach out to fans and the needy through constant giveaways and charity donation. Abdulshally as she is known on instagram has lots of engagement and well over 115k followers whom she normally gives help to.

She is only active on instagram, Twitter, youtube and TV interview, she has not admitted to owning any tiktok or facebook account.

Abdul Shally Nationality, Country?
Although Amb Sara Abdul looks like a foreigner as a Fulani, but she is a Nigerian from birth by her nigerian parents known Mr and Mrs Audu Abdullahi. Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik is a Nigerian, her state of origin is Sokoto state. 

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What Is Abdul Shally Height And Abdul Shally Weight? How Tall Is Abdul Shally?
Sara Abdul as a full grown healthy adult weighs over 80kg+ even after giving birth. 
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik stands straight at a height of 5 ft 8".

What Is Abdul Shally Race And Abdul Shally Ethnicity?
Sara Abdul although with skin colour difference, she of a black race and African Ethnicity.

Who Is Abdul Shally
 Family, Abdul Shally Parents, Abdul Shally Father, Abdul Shally Mother?
From the history of Sara Abdul also known as Abdul Shally, she explained how she came from a poor family that could barely afford to eat. 
Sara Abdul parents are Mr and Mrs Audu.
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik mother's name is Mrs. Ummu Abdul, while her father's name is Mr Audu Abdul. Sara Abdul parents are Fulani christians from Sokoto state where they gave birth to Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik. 

Who Is Abdul Shally
 Boyfriend? Abdul Shally Married?
Although Sara Abdul has three children, two boys and a girl, the girl being the first child is about 16 Years Old and just graduated from secondary school, then two other boys. But Sara Abdul has remained very secretive about her boyfriend and information regarding her martial status, she only share pictures of her three children. It is not known whether she is married to the father of her children or she just wants to keep the details of her husband private.

Who Is Abdul Shally
 Husband? Abdul Shally Ex-Husband? Abdul Shally Ex-Boyfriend?
Sara Abdul doesn't talk about her husband neither make his identity but she is a mother of three children.

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Abdul Shally Tribe? Abdul Shally Tattoos? Does Abdul Shally Have Tattoos? What Tribe Is Abdul Shally?

Yes, Amb Sara Abdul loves tattoos. She has a bird tattooed on her hand and another tattoo on one side of her neck.
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik is from the Fulani tribe of Nigeria from Sokoto state.

Abdul Shally Eye Colour, Hair Colour?
Sara Abdul has fascinating full black hair colour and brown eyes colour.

What Is Abdul Shally
 Net Worth? Abdul Shally Net Worth In Dollars?
Sarah Abdullahi Ropshik also known as Amb Sara Abdul has an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000 in dollar which is equivalent to a billion in naira as of the year 2021.


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